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I am Splatoonie! Feel free to call me Toonie or Splat for short. 


This is my second account, what I call my technical account. I'm here to learn, meet new people, and advance my knowledge in the world of RP. I'd enjoy the chance to meet others, and get to know you all with the opportunity of friendship in the mix. I've made this account with the intention of learning without the hindrance of my rp account due to some bad experiences I've had from other forums. I'm not hiding my rp account either, but that one is strictly for rp only. 


I've a goal to one day create a forum of my own! I'm very much so still learning in many things, and I appreciate all the patience anyone provides in my attempts to learn. I'm a clutz with code... 🙂 I have broken it a few times (many) but that's what learning's for! I like editing, and plotting is my addiction. 


I enjoy expanding my point of view with the aid of others and chatting about many topics. Thank you for taking the time to read this! 


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  • Communications Mod

Welcome to the site! You’ll find plenty of resources and forums for asking questions when you’re ready to embark upon your own RP mission!

Metro: Beyond


Coming soon:


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