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Character Theme Songs

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I know I asked previously if people listened to music while they wrote and I was pleasantly surprised by all of the responses. Now I'm wondering (regardless of whether you use music or not while writing) if your characters have a theme song? Does any song speak to you specifically about a character you play? Could you imagine them walking into a scene and the theme playing in the background?


I play far too many characters in my group to come up with one  for all of them, but for my two most played characters I think I have their current theme songs picked out. I say current because mine fluctuate based on what's going on in my RP. For Gideon his theme song is currently Yours by Jesse McCartney. And for Gabriel his current theme is Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi (He went through a bad break up). I might add other characters once I get them figured out but I play a lot of them. So what are some of your theme songs?

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Castle by Halsey is definitely my OC’s song. Meanwhile, I have an avian whose theme song is Just Give Me a Reason by Pink. I’m Going Slightly Mad by Queen is the theme song for a character I haven’t played much in the last five to ten years, too. 

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Metro: Beyond


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Violet -






Those are the one I can think of off the top of my head. I also have like relationship theme songs for some of my more established couples like Red and Violet:


Seth and Alice:


Dagonet and Charlotte (Chuck)


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Some Kind of Magic by LVTHER for my wild weirdo changeling and the way he feels about the man he's in love with.


Transmitter Failure by Jenny Owens Young for a crappy ex-relationship between my witch and my sister's character with serious codependency issues. 


A LOT more, but those are the ones I've listened to recently.

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Ryval Lamari -  A lot of his music is very similar to this.


Lavina Pyth - chaos follows her and she has bad luck 


Valyre Russo - I am told is like Jack Sparrow just less drunk. He's a fun character that doesn't take things very seriously but somehow manages to get out of trouble.









Dragon Lore

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I have a new character and this is the only song I can think of when I play her.  She's blind.  (first blind character so I'm excited for the challenge)  



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St. John

Wiser- Jesse Saint John



Guyliner Pt 2- Dorian Electra



Things That Make it Warm- Cavetown 



I Will Battle For the Sun- Placebo


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My boy Jimmy recently developed a supernatural ability to generate a sort of shield sphere around himself that can stop anything (until/unless it can't, because he's a doof and doesn't know what he's doing and also using it dehydrates him? It's got some downsides), and he's pretty convinced that he's going to roam the streets as a superhero. He's always been high energy, adrenaline junky sort. A lot of the Spiderverse soundtrack speaks to him, but particularly Elevate by DJ Khalil.

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I have one character who came to me through music early on. And it's really funny to me because I made him a whole playlist and then gradually as he began to evolve and grow as a character a lot of those initial songs that absolutely defined him stopped being so relevant. It's been interesting to use his music to track his changes and get a feel for where he started (very "i don't need anyone," deep independent vibes) to where he is now (very much less lonely and finding his place among people he actually really cares about a whole ton, what a concept) and just really enjoying it.


Use a lot of Snow Patrol for him and his partner, but I think probably his main song at the moment is Sam's Town by the Killers.

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Oh man this is a hard one for some 


Dagonet - Long Way Back from Hell by Danzig 


Red - Old Man - Red Light King 


One Horse Town - Blackberry Smoke
Still Counting - Volbeat


Kaella - Blowin' Smoke - Kacey Musgrave
Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless 


Mykola - The Wolf - Foxworth Hall 


Ilia - You're Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring 


Alexei - Middle Fingers - Missio 














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So for my absolute oldest and most favourite character, Blaize, its got to be: 

Flourescent Adolescent- Arctic Monkeys

Then there's my crooked, misogynistic, criminal 1950s lawyer William: 
Blurred  Lines- Robin Thicke


My psychopathic, serial-killer, who is against nearly everything unless it is white, human and American- Toby: 
Chop Suey- System of a Down

And finally, my Goddess Demeter (Also known as Demi) has this: 

Flowers- Hadestown

The rest of my characters don't really have a specific song, but rather whole dang playlists on Spotify lol!

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