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Site softwares that include wikis?

Deep Sea

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My little group and I have been throwing around the idea of moving our RP to a standalone site. The setting is a little lore-heavy though and we have lots of NPCs with their own stat bars, so I was thinking a wiki-type solution would be nice. Does anyone happen to know of any solutions that might fit the bill?

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You can install a wiki on an standalone site. Media-wiki is one of the more popular wiki platforms. However the only one that I know of that has one and this I would rely on @Grimscythe for is Xenforo.

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XenForo and vBulletin have what is called VaultWiki if you're seeking to use an fully integrated wiki software. I don't know much about the vBulletin side, but I do know that the XenForo version is built using software and it is fully functional. A lifetime license of VaultWiki is approximately $150, and a good example of it in use would be Chronicles RP.


VaultWiki will also autolink phrases used in the forums to their associated Wiki pages.


The other option, as Morrigan suggested, would be using an open source Wiki software, such as MediaWiki (powers Wikipedia). 

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If you want a more complete package...


Any/most cms's out there can fit the bill. Joomla has articles that you can set up like a wiki. Drupal has books (but a crappy forum...). composr cms has wiki+ and a great forum. 


You could however just make a wiki of posts and threads and forums. Make a wiki forum for example, and structure it how you want it. 


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I think the alternatives above are very nice suggestions. In our community we almost exclusively use NOVA, which is a system that's meant to emulate a play by email format much more than play by bulletin board. Though it's not impossible to piggyback a forum on it, with a little rejiggering. Don't know how useful it is, but here's the link: http://anodyne-productions.com/nova. NOVA includes a Wiki system as part of the main package, and is free to use.

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