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Starship Fawkes (Star Trek RPG)

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I would love some feedback on the site in general, especially from people outside of the community that I usually write with since we've come to expect certain things in certain places. I'm trying to appeal to a slightly larger audience so I hope the game is attractive to those people.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

This is the site: https://starshipfawkes.nl/

Mayterial Droz



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In Brief:
✔ Colours are clean and simple, and fonts are easy to read.
✔ Having information get more general ('People' then 'Boat' then 'Universe) is excellent.
✔ Applications are nice and detailed; easy to access once you locate the characters.
✖ While there is a fair bit of information, locating actual forums proved impossible.
✖ Rules are confusing; not so much in content but certainly in presentation.
✖ There's nothing saying what the site is on the site itself; it's not obviously Star Trek.
✖ No plot or hook for the site was obviously found.


Bluntly speaking, when I opened up the site and started poking around I felt like I had an incomplete product in front of me to review. While locating the rules and information on the ship, etc. was not all that difficult, I found no information about what the site was actually about. I could find no rules, nothing that tied it to Star Trek aside from the species of some of the characters listed, no information on what species were available, no plot to tell us what the story is about.


I think that these things are detrimental to you and if they are there, as a newcomer to this platform I could not locate any of them. I also could not locate any forums for roleplaying, which can be detrimental on a roleplaying site; you want to get a feel for it before joining. I should commend you on the neat and clean nature of the applications, however; they were easy to find and nicely organised.


Given the way that the site is laid out, how long it took me to find certain things, and the uncertainty on what I can do as a guest, I can say that I would probably turn away from this site pretty quickly. It got confusing quite easily and you not only want guests to not be confused, but to be able to find things with ease. In order to take that next step and attract more people, I think you need to aim for a nice flow.


Some suggestions to help with that: a new member guide, clear instructions in the rules, or simply adjust the layout.


One final piece of food for thought: "While no universal rating system exists for RPGs or writing groups..." this statement from your rules isn't actually 100% true. The RPG-Rating system has become quite widely used and is regarded as the standard way of rating RPG forums: https://rpgrating.com


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  • Operations Mod

Alright so first thing's first, this site's not a forum let's not treat it like one, right? Right. I'm going to just kind of dump words on you, I apologise pre-emptively for the lack of organisation here lol I swear I'm not always so scatterbrained! ... or at least I'm better at pretending normally!


Right off the bat, I have no idea why and this may just be a my eyes thing, they're stupid, I'm blind lol but I cannot really read easily on your site. And what makes this really weird is that there's nothing actually wrong with the colour contrast. My best guess is that it's in a range of colour-blindness. The best thing I've got to suggest is maybe lightening the main background colour a shade or two and darkening the font colour to a darker grey or black. Yeah I just tried that out in inspect element, even just lightening the background colour a slight bit really drastically improved readability. I seem to have notable issues with browns. xD The colour contrast on your links, however, is not good, link colour should be definitely darkened.


You've got a decent looking font but it looks like it's one of those fonts that's a bit hard to read at even normal sizes. I could definitely see myself Ctrl++'ing your site between the colour combination that's messing with my vision and the font face. I have no idea what to do with this one, you could up the font size some, or switch it with a similar-looking font face that isn't quite as skinny in letter design.


So I actually found everything easy enough to find, but I also understand how a Nova works and how it's arranged. I might second the idea of putting up and linking on the front page some kind of newbie guide that basically just functions like a link directory, to minimise the amount of clicking around someone needs to do if they're unfamiliar with Nova (and many of those here will be). I might also recommend some kind of documentation about joint posting and how it works, because forums just do not work that way for the larger part, and anyone coming from a forums-only background, as you can see from the review above mine, will be confused as fucking fuck. And maybe something about your fleet and what it means on a practical level for your players to be part of one, because for people new to Nova Sims it may sound like some really intimidating thing.


Beyond that, I just sort of skimmed over the documentation, but it looks very neat. The wiki's in decent order too. I do have to say that your rules are... ... there's nothing inherently wrong with them, I can understand and get behind all of the rules on the list but they are VERY verbose, one of them is literally five paragraphs to explain itself and that's a bit much. People's attention spans are just not that long and I'm not going to lie, I didn't even make it through reading it all.


So what you should kind of be aiming for with the rules is, make the main rule line the basic point. It shouldn't read like an ancient proverb, but instead more be the main takeaway. You know, like, "Harassment, flaming, and other ill behaviours are not tolerated." for rule 5. Right now it sounds really grandiose, like it's just trying way too hard, and the explanation under it could be taken to sound threatening in tone, too. (For this one in particular I like to say that I reserve the right to tell anyone to leave for any reason with or without due cause or warning at any time, kinda just catches everything and is like "Look this is my site and I will take care of it, cause I'm here to run a site and sometimes that means we ain't friends" without actually saying that.)


Anyway, I realise also that there may be some kind of overarching guideline or such for what your rules are due to being part of a fleet, I don't really know for sure, never had a Sim in one myself, but I still feel like these could be... simplified, broken down a little, and made a little more straight-forward.


So yeah, not really one of my best reviews lmao but I had thoughts looking around on it and thought I'd share. c: Hope it was helpful and good luck!


Edit: Oh! One more note on rule writing, I'd recommend trying to avoid usage of I and you, it makes it sound less personal and easier to take in.


Don’t take my fighting with you for something that it isn’t. When I’m fighting with you, it means I still see something to fight for. When I’ve stopped saying anything at all, that’s when I’ve given up. That’s when it’s really over.

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First and foremost, thank you all so much for your time and effort for this thorough review! I will definitely be taking this all on board and work on improving the website to make it more accessible and easier to navigate. I can probably add a much clearer front page and, honestly, I think the main issue with the website is that I assume too much pre-existing experience with the system from any new players, and the reviews reflect this.


All very helpful comments, and I'll also add the age rating system. I do want to explain that I think that age rating system doesn't quite cover everything I want to say on that topic, and isn't used as much within our community, hence  the 'non-universal' comment @Rowena Ravenclaw.


Again thank you so much for the time and effort that you clearly put in to reviewing a stranger's work 🙂

Mayterial Droz



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