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Hollywood RPG Interest Check

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Hello all. I have been tasked with gauging interest in a Hollywood themed RPG. The basic concept is:


-Players can choose from on any number of character types including Studio executives, On screen talent, Agents, Critics, Journalists, etc.

-The overall theme is Hollywood. No over arching "plot" but the individual roleplays can be films. 

-The biggest requirement for the site is a box office system. Everything else is pretty open.


How much interest would there be in a site like this?

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The plan right now is to start in the 20's or 30's and progress through the years and decades. The box office system is a work in progress right now but it would probably be some combination of the story told during the roleplays, star quality, and random number/dice roll. It's very early in the planning process.

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Apologies for the late reply. I broke my arm last month, and while I now have permission to type with it, it's still a bit sore.


I think 1920s to 1930s is a great time frame to start. You have stuff like the Hays act, scandals like Fatty Arbuckle, the rise of yellow journalism with Willam Randolph Hearst, the old Hollywood studio structure, the end of the silent era, prohibition, etc.


I'm looking forward to seeing how that box office system you have in mind will look like. I remember a few years back someone on another rp resource site stated they were interested in starting an rp site of Hollywood in that 1920s to 1930s period and it got a good amount of interest. Site never was created. Wanted to let you know the idea you have in mind is solid and should get a few people. If you decided on the 1940s to 1950s era, you'll likely get a good amount of interest as well.

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Thanks. The box office system is still being discussed right now.  We are open to suggestions on it. If there is something we aren't considering. I'm glad to see some interest in it. 

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