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Favorite Thread Titles

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  • Operations Mod

I believe this thread may have been done before, but we're bringing it back anyway. 


For forum based roleplayers, thread titles are a love-hate affair. Many of us have spent more time thinking up the perfect title than writing the opening post. So share those titles you're particularly proud of, or just any that you've come across and just loved! 


One of my personal favorites was a thread involving a site favorite character ship revolving around a break up - called Sinking Ships. 








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Some of my favorites:

Discoveries in the Dark
Controlled Chaos

Need A Bigger Boat

Nonnegotiable Negotiations







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I was encouraged to title a thread where three assassins enjoy a night out in a tavern as "Three assassins walk into a bar".


Silly, punny or jokey titles will always be my favourite thing. 


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