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Quick Start Guide Review

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I have always been unhappy with our Beginner's Guide on WL. And I finally did something about it. It is now much better, more streamline, less wordy, and covers topics I feel come up often - or don't until it's too late and someone is disappointed/upset due to fandom lore expectations. But it seems small, and idk if that is a good or bad thing.


Can ya'll have a look and let me know?



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I'm not sure how massive it was before, but in its current form, it does feel a bit short, and almost incomplete in a way. This is probably going to be down to personal preference, but I find quick start guides are most effective when they give you a taste of everything else, and then direct you where you need to go next.


Bullet points are easy since I'm not 100% awake at the moment, but I'll expand upon what I mean after some coffee if you want.

  • The whole second paragraph at the top about how the book's plot has no bearing on the site (as well as the bullet points after) feel like they would work better as an FAQ question. Maybe replace that with a couple sentences on the setting, and a 'join now' type call to action?
  • Not sure if you can do it on SFM, but if so, providing a link to the Manage Subaccounts page might be useful. Something like "Alternatively, click here and scroll down" kinda dealio.
  • "You don't, but doing so means your character's Jewels, Caste & Biography will be listed in the mini-profile, and their face-claim will be added to the automated list." <- That threw my brain for a loop for a second there. Perhaps something like "Filling out profiles aren't mandatory, but without them, your face claim won't be added to the list, and the Jewels, Caste, and Biography won't appear in your mini profile".
  • A quick mention of what marks are/what they're used for above the breakdown for them might be useful, since every site uses their points system differently and your shop is locked down from guest view.
  • Something I personally check the site's rules and FAQ for and didn't see in either (if I missed it, I'm sorry, I'm dumb sometimes) is how many characters I'm allowed to start with and how I get extras. A quick FAQ about that would be pretty handy.
  • Below your FAQ, I'd consider adding a link list of other threads (not forums/subforums) of everything and anything that people need to or should read before they get started on a character. I've always found it effective to stick the links right where they're already looking in addition to on the side.

So, all the rambling aside... I know a few of these are more nit-picks than anything else so the list probably seems long, but honestly its not a bad quick start guide, especially compared to some others I've seen over the years. Just a little lean. Hopefully this helps!

Candide: An original dystopian RPG

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Thank you so much! I've added in many of your suggestions and some others from our members.

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