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Question for the GMs/Admins/Plot Runners for RP

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So, just sort of a question to help spark conversation and perhaps ideas for those that do canon or GM events for your roleplay group (whatever format, however mine is a forum based, so that is the perspective of my comments).


We have created some GM run events, like a matchmaking service for characters to sign up for IC to have 'dates' lined up.  It is serves as a good icebreaker, and can be used for character connections.  We also run campaigns similar to a desktop game, though with less stricture for combat and more freedom in some ways for people to explore.  We have also run 'open group events' to give more networking or icebreaking moments.


What have you found successful to help get people involved, particularly from the start?  Wanted ads?  Open threads?  Fend for themselves?

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We tend to run events. We had a New Years black out event that lasted 12 hours and ended on the sun rise. It was fun and spun off other stories.


Presently we are doing an All Hallows Eve event and it seems to be doing well, characters that normally may not have crossed paths and connection and interacting.


Sometimes individuals do smaller events, and it also helps.

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We're in the middle of running a couple Halloween Events. A typical Halloween Party and a more Black Tie Masquerade Gala for those who wanted something more refined. We also have found that prompt listings are good to get characters who might not normally interact with one another crossing paths.

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Places you can find me at.


A Play by Post V5 VTM RP




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