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Interest Check: Buffy Reboot Rp site

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So I’m planning on starting a site based off the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I wanted some input in to the plot people would be most interested in seeing. 


So far I’ve decided on the following: 


Name: Jaws of Hell
Rating: Mature content will be allowed.
Forum Software: Jcink

Site overview: The site itself is a reboot of the show with a next generation vibe to it. So the year is 2020. 


Playable Species: Human, Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, Unique, etc


Key Facts

*The Watchers Council is brand new


*There's an active Hellmouth in Arcadia Falls, New York. It's beneath the local high school


*Angel's son, Connor has opened up Angel Investigation and is running it with the help of his team


*The new slayer is the daughter of the longest living original slayer, Buffy Summers and Angel (the vampire with a soul) (more info below)


*Wolfram & Hart have just opened a brand new law firm in Arcadia Falls and are already plotting against the newly chosen slayer


Note: Buffy and Angel's daughter's name is Jossalyn. She was concieved during the time Angel was human for a day (after being infected by the blood of the Mohra demon). For fear of their daughter being killed, Buffy had Giles send the baby to Ireland where she was raised by the coven of witches that helped Willow. 


After Willow did the spell that awakened all the slayers, Jossalyn was turned into a teenager and returned to Buffy. After the destruction of the Hellmouth (in Sunnydale) and the defeat of Wolfram & Hart's army (in LA), Buffy, Angel & their friends moved to Arcadia Falls, New York, thinking that they could have a peaceful life. Boy, were they wrong. 


f you’re a fan of the show but can’t join due to a lack of time or interest in joining a new site right now, that's okay.  I’d still love to hear your opinion/feedback.

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Basically, the things that will make me join a site are:

1. Short application, no application or application with optional freeform section.


2. No word count.


3. No posting requirements.





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