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Hi everyone! I'm Dio, 28 year old married gay bureaucrat. I used to RP a ton many many years ago (in fact, I have an old RPGD account but I have no idea what password and email I used so...fresh start is nice, I guess). COVID and loneliness brought me back to RPing a few months ago and I couldn't be happier honestly. My husband is a first year law student, so he is extremely busy and besides my work, I don't have a lot going on. I am simply *the breadwinner*.

Happy to be here, and so happy to get back into writing regularly and making graphics again too. Things could definitely be worse, that's where I'm at.


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Hi n1ghtz! Welcome back to the crazy crazy world that is RP! It has been an honestly great escape from the world of Covid and everything the last few months so I'm glad you found happiness within the world of RP again! 

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