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Do you write your characters, or do they write themselves?


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A little bit of both!


I like to think that I have control all times about my characters, but sometimes there's a moment where I was going to write one thing, and then realize that the character would never do that and end up letting the character do what they want. I wouldn't say my characters are treated as real people, because they're not, they're fictional, but there are moments where it seems like they take the reins and I'm along for the ride.


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I feel that when I am writing as a character in roleplay I'm almost always fully immersed within the story; and for the most part, it really does write itself. However, this all plays out according to the scenery I'm in, the people I am interacting with, and more.


I find that if I can find more like-minded writers, who can also accurately picture a vivid setting within the roleplay, that's when I can fully get in character, and everything else will ultimately run smoother.

Everything has an end, everything but me that is. I shall live for an eternity, watching as the petals fall from the trees. 

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I used to believe that my characters wrote themselves. But, as mental issues and real life took over my life, it's become a major effort to write at all. Now, when I write, it has nothing to do with the character. The effort that I have to put in remains the same whether it's a post like this or fiction..

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Longtime roleplayer with experience across multiple franchises and genres; though trending toward Sci-Fi.

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