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need help with something....

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I'm looking for a way to add DHTML to my forum which is Phpbb based. I'm hosting it on my own domain and all but I don't know how to add it. Others on the phpbb main site/forum don't even know how it works since they say HTML in posts isn't good. But.... I don't want to do simple posts anymore. 


So what I need is:


BBCode usage: [dhtml]{TEXT}[/dhtml]

HTML replacement: ?????



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They're right. You can't use any sort of html in phpBB as it is a security issue and they won't offer to help you compromise the platform. If you want to use HTML, you will need to find a plugin or something off the approved extensions, hope it doesn't break your forum, and learn to use it on your own (or if the extension author has support somewhere). Otherwise, my recommendation for phpBB is to learn to use BBCode and customize it because it can be pretty powerful and there's wayyyyy less risk to your site.

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