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How To Pick Your Staff? Common Ground?

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Honestly this can go either way at least for me.. For example I can think of a great idea for a site and I ask friends to help with said site and it just becomes a giant hassle down the line.. For example we're all given a task to create the site and if there is something down the line that happens that causes you to have to bump a staffer off the team then shit gets thrown in your face.. Like you cannot win.. Then if you place a search randomly on a resource site you never know who you're getting... How do you find a common ground here?

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I moderate solo for the time being, but when I do pick staff Its often a sort of talent-scoping from people already on the site. If I need an artist, I'd look at the art forums. if I needed a worldbuilder, I'd look at player made ideas and pick someone who had a strong foundation that meshed with existing lore. If I needed a community manager to keep an eye on rule infractions, I'd look for someone active with a good track-record of behavior in the community. in that sense i'd pick people who I know are invested in the wellbeing of the rp, and who already contribute in ways that help not harm.

its hard to minimize all falling outs with staff teams, but a strong set of staff expectations and a culture of staffing that encourages communication respects everyone's work is probably a better one.

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I highly believe providing staff applications, along with searching throughout the site for active members, is the best way to look for staff. Applications allow them to show clear interest and provide any previous experience + information needed for you to review. Checking their track record is key too. On-site and any related sites that may carry over, as some sites stem off others, and that can cause issues.

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I don't find solo staffing appealing, but for me, its inevitable in some cases. I will only staff with people I've known for a significant amount of time and who I trust without a doubt. I will put up staff applications once in a blue moon, but I don't mind doing things by myself and so it isn't a huge priority. I'm lucky enough right now to have two awesome staff members, but I solo'd for over a year on my first site. So I feel pretty broken in lol

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It's better to take your time and find the right people than to rush into taking someone onto your staff team just because they're available and willing.


Definitely know that there is a difference between people who volunteer with an application VS those that you ask specifically to come onto staff. When you leave the decision more to other people, they are the ones who know how much they can handle. If you ask someone to join your staff when they aren't ready, they may join out of what they feel is an obligation to the community, but they may get burned out later on.


I don't know if that makes any sense, but I would hesitate before asking someone directly who didn't already volunteer their time. Some solid advice that was given to me by a long time admin.

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