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Re-review Legends of Nor'Ova


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Some time ago, I've asked for a review of my forum RP site. I received an excellent review which I used to help me improve upon the forum RP. I've decoupled it from the wiki site, giving it its own forum so that there wouldn't be the confusion it once had. I worked hard on the theme - while still using a default theme as the template I "think" it now looks more representative of the site. I've opened up more boards for the other regions. I've made it hopefully easier to get to the about info and rules and such. And I've added in a few quality of life improvements.


So if you wouldn't mind, I'd love another review so I can see what else needs improved or if I'm even going in the right direction.


Site: Legends of Nor'Ova

Software: phpbb


Thanks again.

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I really enjoy the font differences in your header, the graphic is a little choppy though. Softening the cut edges might help with that a bit.


So, your lore section is twice as big as your rp section, and really weirdly spread out. You have various info forums, and then a Lore forum which is empty except for a subforum on deities. I would condense all of the encyclopedia into a forum named that, and maybe move it under announcements? Right now it is all spread out, and kind of disorganized. 


Runic Elements could be a single thread broken down by element. Races could be a subforum of the Encyclopedia.  As examples.


Otherwise your lore looks not too bulky, even if the font is a little small. Since you have such a small selection of RP forums, condensing your OOC forums will help bring the focus to the writing area. Dump a whole forum dedicated to welcoming new people to a topic in the ooc forum etc.

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Thank you for your review!


I've taken your advice and moved things around. The OOC section is smaller now, hopefully putting more of a spotlight on the reason for the forum - to roleplay. Hopefully I've managed to do all of this while keeping the lore/encyclopedia easy to use and manageable.


Thanks again! I appreciate it!


I also smoothed out the sword graphic in the logo. 😁

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