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I currently go by Periwinkle, but most people shorten that to Peri... Personally, I prefer Winky. I cry a lot, especially over things that don't matter. I've roleplayed for thirteen fourteen years, and I'm currently using it as an escape from my problems (an impending surgery being pretty high up there, lmao). I'm disabled and have been considered as such from the time I was seven. If I join your community, be prepared for lots of shenanigans and me being annoyingly overzealous. I would apologize for that, but... I'm not actually sorry. I believe that, if you choose to join a roleplaying community, you should actively participate within that community.


I find a large problem with the RPC as a whole is that very few people are willing to make an actual effort and those who do make an effort aren't met halfway. The current mentality of the RPC seems to be "if x doesn't kiss my glorious backside, I don't want anything to do with them." Frankly, it's juvenile and has no place in communities that are geared towards mature adults... But that is a rant for another time. I have a Big Chungus kitty and a sweetheart of a bunny. When I'm not roleplaying, there's a good chance I am playing video games or watching something on television (usually anime). If I get tagged a lot, I get agitated, and the agitation is usually a result of mounting anxiety. Another thing I've come to hate is when people misconstrue something you say and automatically jump down your throat like you're the biggest jerk there ever was.


They don't pause to wonder if, perhaps, you're just not that great at phrasing things, especially not when under pressure to actually phrase it in a way that won't offend people. On that note, I feel like... The majority of the RPC, from what I've seen in recent years, has become too sensitive and they're far too willing to fly off the handle and cry foul (usually in that order) when they feel you've done something wrong. Mostly, this is seen in RL roleplays but, sometimes, it's also seen in fandom roleplays. I'm not saying some of it isn't warranted when people are being willfully ignorant and hateful but, in some cases, I feel like people, as a whole, need to grow up and stop being so sensitive, especially when somebody is trying to have something explained to them. Some people just have disconnects, and it prevents them from being able to understand certain concepts. That said, if somebody has outright stated "hey, I need somebody to explain this to me," that doesn't give everyone else the right to jump down that person's throat. In doing so, speaking from experience, it just makes that person resentful and hesitant to reach out to have certain things explained to them and in severe cases, the person is ostracized from the community because, Heavens forbid, they might be neurodivergent and they don't fit some cookie cutter mold that the community seems to think they should squeeze themselves into. 


With that rant done and out of the way, I'm not always a jaded person, content to live out of Oscar's trash can. I've just had a lot of bad experiences. Is it obvious? I kid, I kid... In all seriousness, though, I'm on the spectrum and I have a myriad of other mental health stuff going on. Furthermore, I also have the rather distinct pleasure of being an unsocialized gremlin. The last time I was able to be around people was in early 2019 (around March of 2019) and even though there are days I'd rather be a hermit on my computer or trapped within my games, the truth is I am a loner who likes to be alone around people. I get overwhelmed pretty easily so, if I'm quiet for extended periods of time, despite being online, that is probably why.


I'm usually content to joke around and dream up plots and character concepts. I just want to find a place where I don't feel like I have to tiptoe and, no, I'm not saying I'm a hateful person. I just don't want to have everything I say be picked apart and put under a microscope to measure its level of offensiveness. On that note, if something I say or do makes you uncomfortable, tell me. Don't assume I won't be able to handle it or that I know enough about you, having just met you, to know what to say and what not to say. I know there are obvious topics to avoid, but I'm not going to know when something I say or do crosses some line I didn't know you had if you don't tell me. I'm not going to get upset, and I'll even apologize and endeavor not to make you uncomfortable but communication is key.


Thanks for coming to my slightly rant-y TED Talk. 

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The players who just want characters to kiss their backsides are definitely a common thing in RP, I'm afraid, as well as those who just don't want to do the legwork. Thank you for the TED Talk! Communication is definitely key, as I found out recently too!

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