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What can your character ramble on about for ages?


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What can your character just go on and on about?   Maybe because the topic gets them EXCITED!  Or maybe because they are very knowledgable about the topic.  



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Magic. In her world, magic is used to weave elements together. This is known as Vanakara, or the Weave. Some people specialize in an element--my character is a water Vanakaran. She would talk about all the fundamental laws of using Vanakara, the traditional dances involved, the intricate knots that can be made and what their outcome is. How to treat the spirits and deities of the elements with respect. She loves bonding with her children over it, and teaching them as well. Her people are rediscovering their connection as Vanakaran and Khali (the Empty, someone devoid of magic), so it's all new and fascinating to different generations who were previously stripped of their culture and education when they were enslaved.

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Tlaloc, my love...

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Her family. Not because she loves them, but because she acknowledges how utterly toxic they are. She's no longer blind to the things they do, to each other and others.

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