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Themes & Requirements (Wants VS Needs) - Opinions Please


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I've been coding for MyBB so long now that I couldn't tell you a time frame but I've never actually released premade themes before. I've realized that RPG related premades for MyBB are far and few between and I've decided to venture into making premades. So this is all new territory for me, especially considering the fact that I've only ever created themes (skins) for equine/canine role plays. That being said my purpose with this thread is to gather an administrative view of your wants and needs when it comes to a premade theme. I've done my fair share of stalking across the RPG Directory here but it seems that a lot of these sites really vary when it comes to elements.



- Recent Posts

- News Box (is IC vs OOC news boxes a thing beyond the animal genre?)

- Weather/Season/Time Area (is this also a thing beyond the animal genre?)


But what else is there that you, as an admin, look for/need/want in a skin. I want to cover as many grounds as I can to be more helpful/useful with the premades I will eventually release.


Would you be more enticed to purchase a $50 premade theme IF it came with multiple board styling options to choose from (along with IC vs OOC distinctions) and multiple profile styles? Packed up nice a neat in a nifty webpage document that is in the theme files? A guide if you will. Perhaps a run down of how to stylize new plugins or other features you have with the current site coding (so you don't have to go digging around and guestimating)?

What does the MyBB community want/need?

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