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Interest Check: A Post-Apocalyptic Big Cats "Warriors" RP


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Name: [Undecided]
Rating: PG-13
Forum Software: Proboards 
Playable Species: The main species will be big cats (tigers, lions, cheetahs, cougars, leopards, jaguars, snow leopards) and then smaller species of wild cats (lynx, serval, ocelot, caracal, clouded leopard) with the option to purchase non-cat species from a shop (so hypothetically players could create any animal)


The idea is that the world has ended and the animals that were kept in zoos and sanctuaries are now free, and the big cats have formed their own groups within Washington state.

There are four tribes: (not yet named)

  • The PlainsTribe lives in the desert of Eastern Washington and is made up of mostly Lions and Cheetahs
  • The RiverTribe lives in the rainforests to the West and is made up of mostly Tigers and Jaguars
  • The MountainTribe lives in the mountains to the North and is made up mostly of Snow Leopards and Cougars
  • The ForestTribe lives in the forests to the NorthEast and is made up mostly of Leopards and Clouded Leopards

Each Tribe has its own system of leadership and its own way to decide leaders and deputies

The Tribes also worship the celestial bodies (sun, moon, and stars) rather than StarClan

A fifth group lives on Mt. Rainier and are basically like monks. They study the celestial bodies and, much like medicine cats, help interpret signs and dreams and perform the tribe ceremonies.

There is a human settlement to the South, and a group of loners/rogues live in the SouthWest.

Like I Am Legend, there's a rabies-like illness that has infected a lot of the population and affects both humans and animals. Player characters can get infected, or they can choose to play as an infected animal.


That's the idea so far. A friend of mine and I are working on it now, so there's a chance things could change drastically as we progress further through development.


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bumping this since I'm thinking of working on it again


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Would names work similar to how Warrior Cats naming works, with prefixes/suffixes and names changing depending on rank? For instance you said they worship all celestial bodies not just StarClan, so would a lion leader be named... Goldsun for instance (BASIC I KNOW BUT--)


How much interaction would they have with the human settlement? Any conflicts with them or are they just in the background? 


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