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To all the lovely creators of Harry Potter RPs

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It is rather evident that the Harry Potter universe has been the inspiration for countless of RP sites - and I absolutely love that!


It's one of my personal favorites, but I am curious - with all the HP inspired sites out there, what made you decide to create your own? 

Was there something in particular you didn't find in any of the others?


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I've been wanting to explore the 1980s era of the Harry Potter universe the canon story skips over but only one or two RPs set in that era at all, and in those that do it was only a small side section that no one actually makes use of on the site in question and/or their time flow style do not suit what I need. So I needed to create a Harry Potter RPG that sets mainly in the 1980s, with original site wide plot and fluid time flow. Also, I want to write in a version of the universe that functions more realistically than the canon version does, so I had to create my own version of it. It doesn't take away the magic in any way, simply integrates the wizardkind into the universe more realistically. And finally, I have some very old and developed original characters that don't necessarely fit in someone else's board-canon, especially as one of them is a werewolf and I have my own mostly original vision about werewolves in the Harry Potter universe. (The RP in question is Children of Merlin - Harry Potter 1980s RPG, link in my signature.)

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I made mine because there was none I could find dedicated to the new Hogwarts Legacy game.
Which is a shame given how interesting some of the characters are, and how many cool original characters people have created playing the game.

Hence why I went ahead 🙂

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I've always enjoyed roleplaying in the Harry Potter world.  The magic, the flexibility, and just the plotting opportunity to be creative and go beyond just what the books provide.  Things like Hogwarts Legacy, or changing time periods (decades or centuries before, or in the future)!  The board I'm on now has done a variety of plots as the board timeline transitioned through literal decades, so I find that time-based growth really fascinating to play with.

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Harry Potter is where I first started roleplaying, it has a very special place in my heart but it's also made me particular on the types of sites I join. I created my own because I could not find what I was looking for. I wanted something set mostly at Hogwarts and most of the roleplays out there are set in other schools or just in the Wizarding World. Anything that does have Hogwarts as a part of it seems like an after thought while most of the characters are adults.


I missed playing a student, exploring the castle, going to classes (and teaching them!), playing quidditch and really starting a character in their life in this magical world. I just wanted the whole Hogwarts experience. So I created a place where I could do just that! 


a hogwarts-centric, potter era rp

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