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What is your character's 'Tragic Flaw'?

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One of my favorite literary tropes is characters having Tragic Flaws. Personality traits that no matter how hard they try they can't move past.


For Valon their's would definitely be that they are Self Centered. Not selfish but often see the world only through their perspective even when trying to do good for another. They're my ultimate 'get close to winning but steal victory from themselves' type of character. 


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Goodness, yes. Disasters are my specialty, and what's a disaster without a fatal flaw? Not all necessarily tragic, but there's definitely been moments.


Aslan: Familial loyalty. Charming at first glance, until you realize his loyalty to family comes with a body count.

Anita: Unconditional love. Her husband cheats, her children are criminals, and she will drink herself into a stupor to alter her 'reality' (and neglect the actual one) rather than face that she made a dumb decision young.

Fanny: Flight switch broken, must fight instead. Nearly got herself killed once to that tune.

Zechariah: Always Right. As much of a lawyer in his personal life as his professional. Literally married a woman who blackmailed him into it - after she reneged, just because he didn't want to tell his family and friends it wasn't going through after all.

Ropati: Call of the Needy. Is this going to fuck him over? Probably. Is he going to try to help anyway? Probably. The "I broke my leg!" con was made for this kind of guy.

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I love this question!  I could write a good long bit about how much I appreciate seeing these in characters, and how I wish writers would incorporate them more prolifically instead of swinging for the dramatic 'insert whatever tragedy here'.  Not the same thing. 




Red: Hubris and a general belief that the ends always justify the means. 

Seth: Loyalty to the point of fault - he'll help a loved one hide a body even knowing said loved one was in the wrong when they created the body - and a hero complex that has gotten him killed in more than one story line. 

Dagonet:  perhaps an oxymoronic answer, but both bellicosity and indifference 

Asche: self doubt 

Stella: Curiosity and contempt for natural order - she's gonna rescue and raise that bear cub even if it grows up and eats her. 







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