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A Wild Turtle Appears!

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Hello! To get it out of the way, my username is pronounced "Slur-Arth-rang. Rolling your r's is highly recommended. What can I say, I was 9. Most people just call me Slrar or Turtle, but I always welcome silly new epithets.


Would it be a faux pas to admit that I'm mainly here for advertising purposes? I'm not the sort to try and claim otherwise. After RPing on sites with various degrees of everyone's favorite issues, I decided to try my hand at making my own.


Our launch was yesterday, and I can't tell whether I'm more excited or nervous! It took far longer than planned between skin delays and staff illness, but it's finally here!


As for about me... I've been roleplaying since the aforementioned 9 years old, back when I didn't know the word and just called it walking and talking with friends on the school playground. Playing by writing came soon after, in single thread adventures on a let's players forum, before I finally discovered my first true site- An Air Gear RP established by the translators of the manga in order to recruit new blood for their scanlation team. I have no idea how much of a rose tint that site gave my memories, but I have been fairly addicted ever since. It definitely gave me certain tendencies in my preferences for sites, such as an enjoyment of stat and progression systems, wordcount based rewards, and alternate settings without canon characters. As for whether or not it was actually a good site, or the systems were actually balanced... Well, I'd rather not ruin my memory by thinking about it too much.


I'll most likely end up lurking while occasionally bumping my site ad, but I'd feel bad if I just stopped speaking entirely after reaching the ten post requirement, so you might see me around whenever my guilt outweighs my social anxiety.


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welcome! i love turtles


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