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I've never had any crazy ones, thankfully. No one's gone haywire and started deleting stuff. No one got with the trash talking. Though I did recently have to let one of my mods go. It was disappointing to say the least, especially considering that this particular mod was someone close to me. We've known each other for years. We've met in person. She was staff not out of favoritism but because she had helped me storyboard, set up and launch this site we had. Was there with me and helped me raise it from the ground up. However, recently she'd begun to drop off the grid a little. Not posting as frequently. Not even posting ads unless I or my co-admin twisted her arm. Finally I had to have the hard conversation. I tried not to be harsh, but I let her know that if she wanted to be a part of the team, she had to put effort in, not just leave it to the two of us. Needless to say, our new site is now looking for new staff.

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I had a pretty bad experience with a former friend who also happened to be staff. We'd met through another friend [who is still a friend and staff member on my current site] and hit it off pretty good

Quite some time ago I used to have a co-admin on another site. Everything started off golden, things got done in time and we were booming. But then, behind the scenes, things started to come apart. Th

OMFSM, the sim I left before I started my current one. This tale of woe actually started a few years back on a different sim with a lot of the same crew. A friend of mine from IRC hit me up, she's all

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