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General Information

First of all, thank you for taking an interest in becoming a staff member on RPG Initiative! Our mission is to be a community for all roleplayers and we hope that you are looking to help us further this pursuit.

What we are looking for are people willing to work in an eclectic team of roleplayers that are able to contribute some time and creativity to continue to help the Initiative grow both as a resource and a community. We are also looking for go-getters, people that like to help others, people willing to take ownership of certain tasks and that are willing to assist even in areas that may not be your own.

Things to consider before applying:
  • Do you have time to commit? This isn't to be negative, we know that simply applying means that you want to help but consider your other responsibilities and make sure that you can commit to being on the Initiative and being able to contribute both in the staff areas as well as around the site in general.
  • How willing are you to learn? We accept moderators of all backgrounds and levels but please take into account that each staff member has their own responsibilities so we will be reliant on you learning both from example and trial and error and questions.
  • Are you acquainted with the site? I know that joining a new site that has staff positions available makes one eager to jump in and help out we just ask that you take some time to get integrated into the community, poke around, post things before you apply for staff.

Some requirements that you should expect:

  • Activity! As a staff member you are expected to stay on top of your duties as well as being an active presence on the board. Now, we know that we are all human and understand sudden life issues, health issues, loss of internet etc, we just ask that you keep us apprised of the situation. If constant absences become a problem your sections CO or @Morrigan will contact you to talk to you about it.
  • Communication! Since we aren't all on at the same times all of the time it is imperative to be able to communicate to others on the staff via the staff forum to make sure that tasks get done on time. This also helps us make sure we are making good decisions as well as come up with new ideas.
  • Assistance! We have a small staff currently and a lot of responsibilities to cover. Sometimes when another area needs help and you have time (and ability) we may ask that you help that area to help get them caught up. Being able to rely on our other staff members is what makes the the Initiative Staff strong.

Overall we are looking for people that want to help the Initiative continue to grow and be a safe place for people to come to and are willing to work toward that goal with us.

Staff Setup

The Initiative Staff has a non-standard structure to it as we find we are a non-standard site. Explained below is the way our structure is setup as well as the next sections will detail the responsibilities for the staff divisions we have (Operations, Communications and Contributions).
  • Admin - The lead of the forum that manages all staff, helps in coordinating things keeping staff motivated, server maintenance and all responsibilities detailed below.
  • CO (Commanding/Coordinating Officers) - These are the leads to their perspective team. They coordinate and assist all of the mods in their section as well as they keep their areas up to date, make sure duties are taken care of and assist the admin in other areas where needed.
  • Mods - These mods are the ones that do the day to day tasks for their specific areas that is detailed below.




Operations moderators are the moderators that assist with the general operating of the site, site related content contributions (such as graphics, codes, skins etc), run challenges, the Initiative Graphics and codes and similar other tasks.

  • Enthusiasm
  • Ability to work with others and communicate professionally
  • Ability/Desire to contribute graphic, coding and/or skins that are attributed to the Initiative as well as you. (We do not require that they be exclusive to the Initiative but would appreciate it).
  • Willingness to learn



Communications moderators are the heartbeat of the community for all roleplayers. These mods work in tandem with the social networks (although they do not need social networking experience), be emissaries to other communities as well as being envoys of the the Initiative community.

  • Enthusiasm and great attitude
  • Love of meeting new people
  • Ability to work with others and communicate professionally
  • Ability to identify possible member conflicts and diffuse the situation or bring it to the staff area to find a good path to resolution.
  • Willingness to create or find content to share on networks like FB, Tumblr, Twitter and others.



Contributions moderators monitor content submitted by members to the Initiative resources, reviewing them for compliance with rules, approving the content or contacting the member to correct errors. The resources included:
  • Gallery
  • Guides
  • Resources
  • Directory
  • Reviews (this would include reviewing sites submitted for staff review)
  • Buddy System
  • Character Exchange

Additionally this division would be responsible for directory and resource checks for compliance to the Initiative rules.

One thing we'd like to mention about this division is while this appears to have the most responsibilities out of all of the divisions it is, in fact, the best job for newer moderators that are trying to learn, as approving submissions is one of the simpler tasks to get a handle on.


  • Enthusiasm
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work with others and communicate professionally
  • Ability to follow a set process to be sure that all contributions adhere to the same rules
  • Willingness to learn


Wrap Up

If you are interested in applying for staff please utilize the form at the bottom of this post and post it into the staff application forum.

Please know that the following apply to all staff:
  • You must be over the age of 18 years or older.
  • Staff undergo a trial period when brought onto staff to be sure that they fit.
  • Potential staff members are expected to be mature and able to communicate with other staff members as such.

Overall, we do hope that if you are interested that you do apply for staff, and can't wait to have you to help our community grow for all RPers.

Please feel free to post any questions in the staff contact forum!



Application Form

When applying please fill out this application form in full. When listing your experience please provide details including the site name and url (even if the site is no longer active).

Rich Text Template:

Please name the Staff Division you are applying for: Operations, Contributions or Communications


The position you would like:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Why would you like to become a staffer?:

Do you have any relevant experience?: Please provide the name and url of any current/previous websites/forums.

Is there anything else you would like to share or ask?

Staff at the Initiative are needed to help out in other areas that aren't their own, are you able to do this?

Lastly, do you have the free time to devote to this position?





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