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Information & Form

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Anyone can post a challenge although we do ask that you complete the following form to provide all the necessary information to participants.

Theme: A brief sentence to describe the theme of the challenge i.e. 'movie icons' or 'fantasy photo manipulation'. We suggest putting this as your post title or title description as well.
Type of Graphic/s: i.e. icons, headers, wallpapers, free hand, photo manipulation?
Image Restrictions: Do you want participants to only use certain images?
Sizes: Please try to be specific.
Deadline: Please provide a date.

Deadline Timezone: Include the time zone since we have members across the world.
Judging: Will this be a judged contest or is it just for fun? Judged contests may be judged by the challenge creator or open to voting (a staff member will do this upon request).
Rewards: Challenges posted by staff members will reward users with award graphics that will appear on their profile/mini-profile. Non-staff may give out special awards.
Challenge Details: Any other details about the challenge go here.
Questions? If you're unsure about anything our staff are always available to contact.



  • Stick to the guidelines set out in each challenge. Sticking to the guidelines set out in each challenge is important, though you may be creative with your work, your entry may not be eligible if the guidelines are not followed.
  • No 'pre-mades' are allowed. A pre-made is a graphic you have made before the challenge was set/not for the challenge, or made for another challenge.
  • Make sure all work is your own. Using someone else's work will resort in instant disqualification. It is theft, don't do it.
  • Most importantly: HAVE FUN! These challenges are here for you to have fun and to improve your graphic making skills.





Type of Graphic/s:
Image Restrictions:
Challenge Details:



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