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WOUbera is an original medieval fantasy website that prides itself in its encouragement of players to find their own way in its world; participation in main plots is entirely unnecessary. However, we are in need of some important characters for those large plots, as well as for the world entirely. From a Prince of Zerrabain, to the Queen of Faobeth. The majority of our claims are mostly 'blank' in nature; some details are required, but for the most part, members are free to build them as they please.

  There are three lists for our claims, to separate between each of our three countries and their houses. All of them have characters already claimed, so you will always have someone to start plotting with right away!


While we have many claims available in each house, I have listed some below that are our most wanted; please contact me with questions (or to claim) through PM either on the RPG init, or through WOUbera itself.



Hadrian Gilham - 30 - Human

A Prince of Zerrabain, younger brother to King Lanford and elder brother to Prince Alexander.

Save for the information above, this character is an entirely clean slate; feel free to expand and add to all information.


Eric de Grieu - 20 - Elven

The young Duke of Bardford, husband to Duchess Caroline de Grieu. A quiet, soft-spoken man with a knack for potions and a warm heart. Lanky with dark hair and eyes (or red hair), he is socially awkward and often prefers to keep to his duties and books; only to be dragged outside to socialize by his wife. Son of a Councilmen of the former Duke of Bardford.

This character has a fair amount already built, however, feel free to expand and add to all information.


 Inita Amunet - 43 - Elven

The Queen of Faobeth, wife of King Sorsen Amunet. A kind soul with a fierce love of her family. She has the magical power of future seeing; many of her visions are of her six children's future, though her visions are usually blurred. She was arranged to marry the current King, Sorsen Amunet, while they were both young, however through little time they fell in love.

Again feel free to expand and add to all information. 

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