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A random question posted at... eh, almost 2am. Do you listen to music while you're posting? And do you have certain songs that remind you of certain characters, that inspire you to write for them -  a playlist for posting?


I have several. Presently my favorite for a certain character is: 


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I actually do not listen to music as I type. It takes away from my focus. I can't even watch TV or have many other distractions.


I do listen to music any other time to relax and come up with ideas. I tend to prefer Muse:





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It's not often that I use a song while writing, but there's been a few occasions where I've found a segment that perfectly embodies a character or situation. In this particular case, whenever I've gotten stuck with a "power play" I sometimes revert to "The Tennis Song" from the musical "City of Angels" to get me in the emotional mood for a verbal battle between two characters who are both professional manipulators out for Person Number 1 (themselves) only. Their dynamic is as competitors but there's a fun "will they won't they" undertone as they both try to entrap the other. 






Without giving away the WHOLE show (its way more complicated than this PI story); In the musical, A private Eye named Stone is hired by Alaura Kingsley (the female in the song) to find her missing step-daughter, Mallory Kingsley. After things go wrong and something seems fishy, he goes to the mansion to confront the woman and drop the case. Here he meets several more unsavory characters, including her lustful stepson, her polio-stricken elderly husband, and the husband's quack doctor. Between a promise of 10G and her temptations she keeps him playing the game. It ends up at the very end that Alaura is a fortune hunter who has already murdered one rich husband and is planning to do away with her current one, once she had eliminated his son, daughter, and doctor. Which she was manipulating Stone's PI case from the very start to accomplish this exact end.


I love this song because on the surface its a mess of double entendres for Alaura, the wealthy wife of a polio-stricken man, flirting with the detective she hired, Stone, to find her missing daughter. The tennis metaphor also serves to show the cat and mouse game between them regarding the "foul smelling" case he was hired for; however it's got a completely third layer showcasing the manipulative dynamics of the "real world" happenings in production as the movie's story is being shot. 

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I like to listen to music BEFORE I type. Most of my play lists are devoted to my characters. I sit down and listen to the music that inspires them then start writing. When I'm writing I like it quiet, but the music continues in my head. I just can't stand background noise.

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I looove listening to music while typing. I get so much inspiration from music and I often base characters completely off of a piece of music or song. It's so fun.


I use Finntroll a lot when writing villainous characters, or eccentric hoodoo weirdos. Since I'm learning Swedish a lot of the music I listen to is Swedish too. It's such a cool language. :> 


Veripuu (Bloodtree) by Finntroll & Vargaskall (Wolfbark) by Falconer. 


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I always listen to music playlists when writing, but each character has their own specific "sound". If I'm listening to the wrong music for a particular character, it'll screw up the writing. 


The primo tune in one of my characters' playlists is Creedence Clearwater Revival's...



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