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      Please don't PM me questions   05/18/2017

      This is a very important thing that I need to express to the members of the Initiative a little more clearly so you understand why I'm posting this message as I get a lot of PMs and random support requests regarding things on this site and it is extremely overwhelming to get these PMs.   There is a lot of stuff on the site that I manage solo. From the spotlight challenges, to the challenges (when I'm able to get to them), to archiving items, to approving items etc. We have a lot of cool features and trust me when I say I'm not saying we need to reduce because I feel everything that we have has it's place and purpose however I do, do  it all alone. (Shamelessly plugs staff wanted stuff 😉 )   So with that explained I have to explain why I'm asking that members stop PMing me questions. First off, we provide many different places that probably already answer your questions including our FAQ and our Ask Us fourm. We also provide forum avenues for you to contact the staff (in general instead of a single staff member) via our forums through the "Staff Contact Center" where you can either contact the staff publicly or privately. While it is your preference which one you put out there these avenues are more quick for you to get a response.   When you PM me (first off you'll get an auto reply with this information reiterated in it) but it's very likely I will dismiss it and get to it later. PMs are not my priority as they are used for private messages between myself and a member and not something site related which will be explained below as to how my priorities work for managing as I go:   Priorities listed in order from top to bottom regarding sites: Site/Server Down Site/server slowness Hosting issues (any of the initiative hostees having a problem) Payment issues Reported content Staff Contact Center Contact (and of the forums there) Chat Approvals Site checks (looking through forums) Roll outs of any kid that I have created (challenges, content etc) PMs Distant Fantasies   This isn't to say that your PM won't get answered however all of those other things take precedence over a PM and as you can see I'll answer you in the Staff Contact Center before I even check my PMs to see what you need.
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Site name and link: Moorland Manor
Site genre: Historical
Site info: Moorland Manor is an 18+ historical RPG set in 1899 with some horror elements. An inclusive, friendly community focusing on character development with occasional site-wide plots.

Your name: Alandree
Contact info: PM here or on MM.
Role(s) requested:  


Jeanne Hakim
Age: 28
PB: Tracie Thoms

A local Madsmoor schoolteacher, who Harriet Kempa has a huge crush on. In her words, she is a "beacon of light shining through the moorland fog". She has great passion for the nurturing of young minds, but the rest is up to you.


Lee Featherston
Age: 63
PB: Colm Wilkinson

Kellan Featherston's English father. His mind is going fast and arthritis has stricken him from the plow and the shepherd's crook. But he is a warm-hearted soul who is filled with regret for not doing better by his family in terms of wealth. He understands that Darina doesn't love him the way he wishes she did, and feels guilt about their arranged marriage years ago. He has early signs of Alzheimer's, though the disease wasn't officially recognized/named as such in this time period until 1902.


Darina Featherston
Age: 44
PB: Megan Follows

Kellan Featherston's Irish mother. She does much of the farm work now that Lee is in poor health. She's cold and strict from frustration and fatigue, but would do anything for her family. She married very young, in an arrangement she had no part in, but she has grown to love Lee in her own way, though she doesn't feel particularly romantic about it.


Toal Featherston
Age: 24
PB: Finn Jones

The eldest Featherston son, he is lazy and cloudy-headed, and dreams of being a famous actor, but can scarcely do his part in farm work. He doesn't mean to be cruel, but finds dreaming to be his coping mechanism against the family's dim future.


Ennis Featherston
Age: 10
PB: Toby Irvine

The fraternal twin of Manus, and the youngest Featherston sons. He is bright eyed and eager to learn, loves to catch frogs and idolizes Toal.


Manus Featherston
Age: 10
PB: Eros Vlahos

The fraternal twin of Ennis, the youngest Featherston sons. He's growing distant from Ennis, and wants to live in the city and become a doctor. Shy, very smart.


Vatsalya Kazim
Age: 38
PB: Freddie Mercury

Longtime partner of Ellis Tachibana, Vatsalya has performed in opera and ballet since childhood. He currently travels with Ellis and his friends to perform the occasional show of the impromptu circus tent persuasion. His personality is mostly up to you, whether he is confident and assertive like Ellis, or more of a foil to that type, perhaps.


Haruka Tachibana
Age: 29
PB: Tenkatsu Shokyokusai

The half-sister of Ellis, she is a magician in their travelling show. She and Ellis did not know each other until recently, when they realized that they shared the same father, and soon after began forming their act together. Open personality.


Open Name
Age: 30
PB: Samira Wiley

Magician's assistant and 'ringmaster' of the travelling show. Possibly Haruka's girlfriend? Open personality.


Other notes:  Shoot me a PM before taking one so we can do some plotting!

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