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OUaT Canons Needed

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Site name and link: Our Heroes and Villains
Site genre: OUaT/Panfandom
Site info: We're an AU Once Upon a Time site set after the events of 5a, with a broader panfandom reach! After the Underworld, the heroes accidentally released a powerful, evil being, snapping the threads connecting the realms and threatening all of existence. Now there are new worlds to explore, new people to meet, and a threat larger than anything they've ever faced before looming before them!

Your name: Twin
Your primary staff account: http://ourheroesandvillains.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=1
Contact info: PM, or skype: sinesbro

Canon(s)/role(s) requested:

Henry Mills - Henry is the young son of Emma and Neal, and the grandson of a great many characters in the show! He's a bold, out going young man who does what he believes is best for everyone he loves. He's sometimes conflicted about what he really wants, but he's still young and learning. We have tons of his family and are always looking to complete the set! He is still the Author on the board.

Robin Hood - Rob from the rich to give to the poor! Robin Hood is a noble, loyal man who can’t help lending a hand when it’s needed. He knows right from wrong, despite being a thief, and always has the best intentions at heart. He is the love interest of one Regina Mills- the Evil Queen- and he was formerly married to Maid Marian, who is now deceased. Whomever takes him may NPC Roland, his first son, as he is too young to be played on the board alone!


Colette - Colette is the mother of Belle French and a very kind, loving woman. Belle got all her good traits from her mother, who always read to her and told her that she could be whatever she wanted to be. She has little history in the show and is open to interpretation should she happen to return from the dead!


Everett Young - Young is a man who has always bumped heads with Nicholas Rush, and is a father figure to Eli Wallace- both of whom are on the board! He would have to come from Tomorrowland, but other than that his history is pretty much open to interpretation. We have two histories to draw inspiration from, too! He is the kind of man who tries to do what's best for those around him, but doesn't always manage to make the best choices. Young is from Stargate Universe.


Gaston - Gaston was the former arranged marriage partner for Belle back in the Enchanted Forest. He was arrogant, but seemingly kind, until it became clear that he was not, in fact, the man he claimed to be. Since it was a match meant to better the kingdoms, Gaston had never been a love interest of Belle's, though he was very much infatuated with her. He was killed when Rumplestiltskin turned him into a rose, but he can come back thanks to the magic hitting Storybrooke!


Gerhardt - Gerhardt started out as just Elizabeth's adoptive brother, and she loved him very much. But as they grew older things changed between them, and Elizabeth started having feelings for him in a big way. She fell in love with him and they were set to marry, but they never got to do that because of Gerhardt's sudden death. After his death she was forced to marry another man, but she didn't stop loving Gerhardt. Even after he was brought back to life by Victor, and Victor then disappeared, she still did her best to make sure nothing bad happened to him. Even if she never saw him after he was brought back to life. It is totally up to you if Gerhardt was killed (again) and comes back to life for real in Storybrooke this time. Or if he is brought to Stroybrooke in his monster form via a portal. It is also your choice if he loved Elizabeth or not, but I really hope you choose that he did! - From Kitty's want ad!


Liam Jones - He's the brother of Hook and Liam (Who goes by Leon to avoid confusion on the site). Liam was a proud member of the navy and died on Neverland after getting poisoned and being tricked. He reunited with Hook in the Underworld, though because the events of 5b aren't completely canon in our story, tweaks are welcome to be made for him! Both his other brothers are already on the site.


Maleficent - She is a dragon and a very powerful sorceress, though she is not as evil as she used to be. Disappointment, time and having a daughter helped make her more of a calm, collected person who is not particularly evil or good anymore. We have her daughter, Lily on board, as well as a OC father for Lily called Cloudjumper/Lewis! They are not romantically involved, however!


Maurice - This is Belle's father. I think, outside of his detest for his daughter's choice in husband that should be noted, he's seeming to at least try and see the good that could come out of it. He doesn't trust Rumple, doesn't like him, but it's obvious that he's who Belle wants. He recently woke Belle up from a sleeping curse, which can be noted in the RP sample of her app and I can imagine he might be somewhat grrr because instead of trying to spend any sort of time with him after her waking up, she ran right to see Rumple because she learned he was in the hospital. He'd be really awesome to have around, honestly. - From Luna's want ad!


Merlin - The immortal force of light who spent a great deal of time as a tree, Merlin was eventually returned to normal only to be killed by Hook. He now has a chance to come back to Storybrooke and do some good in a town troubled by many great threats! He could be a really good potential enemy for the Horned King, our villain on the board! He generally a calm, kind-hearted man, and though he's not afraid to use his magic to help others, he likes to guide people to make their own choices rather than force their hands.


Mother Superior - The Blue Fairy is the somewhat aloof, altruistic leader of the fairies, and always one to offer advice when it’s needed. Sometimes when it isn’t, too. While sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, her motives are always directed towards the good of the people who live in the Enchanted Forest. She is a light magic user and a powerful one at that! She is also the head nun in Storybrooke, because that’s important.


Ruth - Ruth is Charming's and James' mother. A warm and kind woman, life had thrown a curveball at Ruth and her husband when they had to give up one of their twins (James) to a king in order to save their farm. Her husband died in a cart accident, and Ruth raised David by herself from then on. She went so far as to sacrifice her life so Snow and David could be able to have children. David is very protective of his mother, and when she died, he was devastated. - From Meri's want ad!


Will Scarlet - The arrogant, kind of reckless young man who used to be a part of Robin's Merry Men. He is a thief and a very good one at that, though that hasn't kept him from getting himself into all kinds of trouble from time to time! He has all kinds of family and friends on the board, including his mother, sister, some friends and even some enemies! There's plenty to plot with!


Other notes: Beyond canons, we also accept OCs as well as non-OUaT fandom characters. Since we've good realms designed for newer fandoms, there's a lot more choices open to people! So you might see some strange canon characters on this list from time to time.

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