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When I ran my Star Wars fan fic sites, I used to use Star Jedi, Shadow of XizorSF Distant Galaxy, and TIE Wing a lot. (There were probably others, too, but I can't recall their names.)


Beyond Wonderland is one I used to use a lot back then, for general forum graphics.


I don't tend to use a lot of fancy fonts these days, in part because I don't have a decent graphics program any more and most of the fonts only work well if you can put effects on them to make them stand out against the background. If you can't make them slightly transparent, or have a line around them I find they can blend into the background and it's not that easy finding a colour that's readable when you don't have a good graphics program.



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As a wannabe author, my favorite font to use in Word and whenever I'm allowed to get away with it is Bookman Old Style. Literally I'd write my papers in school with this font because I thought it (plus justify) looked so much cleaner and more professional than Times New Roman and especially Ariel.


For my RP, my favorite font is Starmix, which we use for big things like name displays and titles of things. It's also the font I use on our advertisement graphic!

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Guest Arantor

I'm really boring where fonts are concerned but I'm fairly 'industrial' in that respect. For headers/banners I'm partial to the heavier weightings on Lato (especially the Black weight), and for lots of words, I tend to favour Merriweather as it seems to be elegantly readable on any device.


Though I have been known to go piratical and use Tradewind for a few things over the years. (Hmm, this makes me feel like I'm missing some steampunk/pirate RP in my life!)

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