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[OOC] Ghostbusters: New Dawn

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I've been itching for a Ghostbusters roleplay for a while, but never had the time to make a full-site one. And the only Ghostbusters roleplay I've ever seen is sadly, and ironically, dead and gone now. (I was looking to join that one, but I never saw it actually open...) So let's see if we can't fix this. 





  • No godmoddingmetagamingpowerplaying.
  • If a character dies they stay dead. (They don't get to come back to life in the main thread.)
  • Original characters only please. (No profile is necessary, just give them a name. Though you can always put one up if you want.)
  • One ghostbuster per person. (If you want non-ghostbusters then you can have as many as you want.)
  • Please keep all Out of Character comments in this thread please. (Though feel free to create spin off threads to run your own missions/adventures and whatnot. )
This isn't really a rule, but it's a concept I utilize in most roleplays I run... Simply put no matter when you join in you're treated as if you've been there the whole time. So, say for example someone joins in on the third "mission", they'd be treated as if they were there from the start.
I also have several (often unnamed) NPCs alongside player characters that can be used too. 

Here is the equipment provided to all Ghostbuster teams. It's all been developed over the years by Dr. Egon Spengler and the original team. It's been put through it's paces more times than can be counted and thus far has always succeed (despite it's somewhat rough looking appearance.)


PKE (Mark 3)

Before you can bust the ghost, you have to find the ghost. This little meter will tell you if there are any spirits present in the area (within a thirty foot radius) and roughly where they are. It can also scan them to search through Tobin's database of known spirits. 





Proton Pack w/ Neutrona Wand (Mark 3)

The major tool use to capture ghosts. It generates a positively charged particle stream that weakens and then ensnares ghosts. Once ensnared the user can re-position ghosts... Though they do tend to fight back.
Featuring a limiter to prevent crossing the streams intentionally the Mk3 is a significant step up in safety for users. Though it'll still cut a swath of destruction (or roast a marshmellow) with ease. Do not attempt to use it to cook with though, the results are inedible.





Plasma Distribution System (PDS A.K.A. Slime Blower Mark 2)

A small green tank on the side of the proton pack that contains a self-replicating slime. The slime is positively charged when it flows through the proton pack before it exits a separate thrower on the Neutrona Wand. 

Useful for neutralizing any negatively charged (black) slime, forcing ghosts to stop possessing people or tying people's legs together with the tether mode.





Ghost Trap (Mark 2)

This is a new, more efficient, model of the standard ghost trap. It has capacity for several ghosts at once and can be used up to three times without worry.  (Each ghost is stored in a separate chamber within the trap.)
Still best not to look directly into the light. 






Ghost Classification

Class 1 - Residual
These are the lowest forms of ghosts. They often appear as glowing orbs or a mist (if they appear at all). Sometimes they can only be heard (through whispers or via recorders). The have limited power to interact with the environment. They may not even be fully aware (simply a large amount of Psychokinetic energy manifesting like replaying part of a broken tape/record).

Class 2 - Partials
These ghosts are stuck in a certain location. They can often manipulate the environment. But they cannot fully materialize themselves. (They may partially appear though. So a pair of ghostly arms may appear. But a full torso and head may not appear.)

Class 3 - Anonymous Human
These ghosts are ones that appear to be human but the exact identity is unknown. They are reclassed Class 4 if identity is discovered. They are capable of thought and interacting with the world. They can take actions to discourage visitors or to evade capture.

Class 4 - Identifiable Human
Like Class 3 ghosts, these are spirits of former humans. However, unlike Class 3's these ghosts can sometimes be dealt with via alternative means (instead of trapping). Sometimes they can be reasoned or communicated with. (In these cases, sometimes helping them resolve issues allows them to disperse peacefully.)
However if they refuse to leave then use of Proton Pack is generally effective to entrap them.

Class 5 - Non-human
These are ghosts that were either created from rituals or negatively charged events. They may have little intelligence and often cannot be reasoned with. 

Class 6 - Sub-Human 
These ghosts were created from the deaths of animals. These ghosts can often be dispersed without the use of a proton pack simply by researching the ghost and using it's habitat and natural enemies.

Class 7 - Deities
These are beings who may never have been alive. They often have extreme amounts of power and cannot be trapped or easily forced out. 
It's far better to stop them from entering this realm than trying to deal with them once they've entered.

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Sign me up! If you need help feel free to message me.  I tried once a few years ago, got a fully functioning board with locations and the works up but the playability of the site suffered.  I would love to give it another shot!

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