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Rules people break that make you facepalm...

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In the advertising forum description: align=center does not work
In the advertising rules/guidelines sticky, in bright bold gold, align=center does not work
In a reply to the advertising rules/guidelines sticky in bright red HUGE MC LARGE FONT, align=center does not work

Ask me how many advertisements I have had to delete or not approve at all, because align=center does not work on my board. 

I've edited to add align=center does not work in the rules title now too. 

Yesterday I advertised on a site and they posted their ad on my site. 
Using align=center

I'm not a stickler for rules. I'm doing this because it makes their ad look bad  and I feel bad that they have this lovely ad or image and then bbcode that doesn't render properly on my site sort of messing up their aesthetic. But it's come to a point now where so. many. ads. are just dropping them without reading anything that I just no longer approve ads that use align=center.

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Rhydin & Beyond.

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Wrongly sized avatars. We're not a board that has a lot of graphics, there aren't 3 different pics and a mini profile gif, it's just a single avatar of 200x300. The size is stated clearly in the rules. Plus, you can EASILY SEE if the avatar is the wrong size because there's a gap between it and the border and it looks dumb as hell.


Every second member still manages to mess it up though.


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On 2/22/2019 at 9:01 PM, The Seven said:

"Well the rules didn't say anything about bad cbox behavior"


Dang you got me, that "don't be a jerk" rule didn't specific the cbox which as we all know is some kind of independent city state within the realm of this forum.  You have bested me.


I swear there is always one person who tries to pull this. lol 

Active, fun, established 2008! Come join us. 
Aeterna Roma




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On 4/14/2019 at 10:59 AM, wicked said:

"Characters have to be 18+"


Player makes a vampire and constantly, like annoying so, states in and out of rp that said vampire is 18 but she looks 17


o.O um..ok? lol

Uhhhhh creepy much?


Our forum has TW content rules. Player returning from hissy fit hiatus *posts app full of explicit murder and self harm scenes with no TW's* 


No powerplaying. Player who's been warned repeatedly to discuss ideas with writing partners. *completely takes control of an entire thread so their character can do all the butt kicking and then complains when asked to change it to give some room for other characters to do things too*

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When you have your first links set up saying "align=center" and "center". Which one works for your site type of deal and people don't post on the right subforum so when i go to your board i have the wrong code.


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