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Why did you make your forum?


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There aren't many sites in this fandom and the ones that are mostly focus on shipping and romance. So, I made mine because I don't love shipping (though I'm not against it!)

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The start of my latest staff venture was pretty organic. Some of my core members and staff were at other sites and they just weren't serving our needs. A community started on Discord talking about things we'd like to see, and the forum was built around that as a community effort. It is the largest number of staff members I've ever had at the start of a roleplay before and honestly, it has been an incredibly humbling and amazing experience.


There are so many different ideas and opinions and thoughts, and we've taken as many of them into account as we can. There was lots of blue sky brainstorming both amongst staff and our member base. Throughout the whole thing I've acted as a sort of "admin wrangler" and done my best to keep us organized and on track for launching from an idea, to Alpha, to Beta, and now full access.


So, TLDR, I made my (really OUR, I'm not the only staff member) forum out of community demand and really strong staff support. 😄

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There are close to zero RPs of my fandom on Jcink. The one other 'active' one I've found and was advertise pretty well is super clique and has more horror stories about it and the staff than I'm comfortable testing. So needed a place to play my muses and provide somewhere we just RP and have fun on.

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The site I was on was freeform and...messy. Disorganized. Old. There were a lot of "crossing the streams" and it made it difficult to pinpoint what types of RPs could go where. There were Hungarian fighter jets flying over medieval Vampyre castles. Each continent had its own flavor of fantasy genre, but the cross over just made everything hard to deal with.

I wanted a persistent world that also had semi-contained settings of specific genres (and subgenres) to keep things tidy, organized and still give tons of flexibility and freedom for members to travel between continents as long as one was respectful of the site's soft system's rules of not muddling genres.

And also because I really craved collaboration and thinking. Although the idea started in 2015, it was only last year I realized I had so much lore I could easily create my own forum. I was also slightly overwhelmed by the positive response to the concept of it and the amount of people willing to give it a try. That's when I realized I get more out of creating worlds and lore than I do roleplay. If I could successfully create a setting others enjoyed and reinvigorated the spirit of collaborative writing and roleplay, then when the time came to leave the hobby, I'd leave on a high and satisfied note that I did that! And I enjoyed it! And others did, too.

Tlaloc, my love...

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I've started many roleplaying communities in the past, and having a forum is extremely important.


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I wanted to play in a particular genre, and I'm terrible at joining other games, so I opened my own. Best decision I have made considering I was on a RP hiatus before I opened my long-running game.


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I (and the others on the team!) made our forum as a way to experience the MCU from the beginning-- but with a twist. We set it up as starting just after the events of Ironman 1 and have the TVA from Loki incorporated. It's been really fun seeing the marvel heroes we've known for years from their beginnings in an AU setting. 

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I have had a few boards that I've made. I had a high school murder mystery one ages ago that I made because I just could not find a board that I liked. There were no murder mystery high school boards in existence then either. I'm currently searching for a board to join but am more than likely going to make a new board because none tick the boxes for what I'm looking for. 

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I was feeling very nostalgic for horse rp sites that I used to be a part of when I was younger. And sure, there are several others in the community right now, but there wasn't one that was strictly realistic in particular so...I decided to model mine after rpgs of the past and here we are!


our homeland - a wild horse rpg

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The reason I have built my site was due to my love for starwars and its large fan base. I wanted to build a site where my roleplaying buddies could come back together to share in our love for writing and starwars, and because i wanted to come back and start new in the rp-world. 

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