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What other language would you want to RP in?


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I'd love to be able to role-play in my native language; French. However, a lot of the sites that are in French are European French and the grammar and sentence structures are a lot different compared to the French that I've grown up knowing and I don't think it would really work out as I would hope.

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Guest burningbridges19

I would love to play on more German sites, but there just aren't that many/there aren't any sites where they would be listed. Most German-language RPs also seem to be self-hosted and do not have advertisement subforums. I'd also love to RP in my native Slovene, but RP isn't really something that's known here (or well-received - most people automatically assume it's about cybersex) and the one Slovene-language RP I was on was, in retrospect, incredibly shoddy and the staff was on a constant powertrip.

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I'd like to rp in English! I'm a Translation Studies graduate, but I still don't have enough confidence to do that tbh

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Spanish. It's my native language but I've always done sites in English because it's... easier somehow? I find written Spanish to be very pretty, but considering that different Spanish-speaking places use different words than what I'm used to it's a little intimidating. Also, the fact that I might have to switch from using "Dialogue" as dialogue to — Dialogue, is kind of jarring to me, even though a lot of our books use an em dash for dialogue.

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