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Times RP made you cry

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In a Stargate SG-1 game a few of us were writing in, the plot required Jack O'Neill to die. In the story, he and Daniel Jackson has promised each other to never put the other one into a Goa'uld Sarcophagus again, no matter what.


I wrote Daniel and in my perception of the character, he would never allow Jack to die if he could prevent it.


The death scene and the aftermath of the resurrection was heart-wrenching. The person that wrote Jack has so much insight on that character and his friendship with Daniel Jackson. I was flat overcome. Had to keep tissues handy as I wrote the scenes.


It all ended well and Jack even forgave Daniel, eventually.


Fun times!

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So my most recent is in a past thread with mine and my partner's character. In their time period, them being together was very much taboo(men with men), but they've started something together anyway,

I have been out of the role-playing pastime for the last four years, but I do possess a usually sharp memory.  The last character I played was Isabelle ('Belle') from A Christmas Carol (2009).  Charle

When is the last time RP made you cry?   Off the top of my head, I believe the last time was when one of my characters who is typically classified as an asshole without a cause actually show

My writing partner and co-founder and I have been writing together for about a decade now. We met on the PBP we've revived and revamped and now that we've opened our doors, we've recreated the characters we've held in our hearts for ten years. The 2.0 versions of our favorite OCs are not only richer and possessing of much more depth, but their backstories are better and their futures are crazier. There hasn't been a thread I've written with these 2.0 characters that I haven't had a few teary moments over, whether it's sneaking in a few favorite one-liners from old threads or reliving friendships that have begun differently (it's a restart) but ended up the same, solid chemistry. Love it. Love all of it. This is seriously the best thing ever. Aaahhhh yesssssss.

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Only one writer has ever brought me to tears with RP and she's basically my RP soulmate. There are a number of times I got a bit choked up RPing with her but in general, it was tearing our characters apart through various shit. We had a prince and a bodyguard--my prince was madly in love with her bodyguard character but they couldn't be together because of their standing in society. Then there was another pairing of her unusual headmaster and my boring professor, they were delightful together but shit fell apart when the headmaster died and my character mourned his loss... only to find that this awful, horrible man had brought him back to life and was using him as his personal slave. 


Then we had a nasty type of relationship where my character was an abusive a-hole that basically wanted to possess all of her character's being. He certainly didn't deserve such a guy (and so later, her guy broke it off and had a new boyfriend, it was all so bittersweet.)


She's basically the only person I've been able to write romance properly with. I mean, I can think of 3 others I had chemistry with but I was never moved to tears by them. She and I specialized in romance, though we did have family plots, too. A memorable one was a set of brothers. My brother killed their parents during a shifting accident and his brother was the only person left in his life but of course, he didn't want to forgive him for what he did. 



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This will sound borderline narcissistic, but I think I've only cried over things I've written myself (there's been a few close calls) when it comes to RP. Usually because I'm writing something that hits a little too close to home. Sometimes, if I have a depressed character, and I react in a certain way, I know it's time to put them on the shelf for a while until I can get to a better mental state myself. 


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The one that truly devasted me and all typists involved - we literally cried every time we posted -


My character had a mentor, bff, partner in crime, guardian angel Gangrel for IC years. He had childers- all of us IC were friends and writing companions. He had decided it was time after two decades of writing for this Elder to choose his end and it was a walk into the sun. None of the childer could walk with him but Kia could. 


The story went for weeks and and every single one of us wept as we wrote what to me was the BEST story ever written by us or anyone ( Hell yes I am biased.)  We were all on DMs weeping as it ended. I still cannot read it without crying. 


Yea..it was the best and the hardest to write ic and ooc

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I have definitely had a few moments with a couple of my RP partners. I also cry sometimes when writing very difficult parts of my own characters. I don't mind, though, I feel it means I am invested enough to really feel the stuff they are going through.

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I got a little teary while writing a character's history section in their app. I think if I read that same bit today, I'd probably still feel a little sad about it. Maybe even more so, considering it touches a little on personal experience. At the time it didn't, but now it does.


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Oh man, the last time rp made me legit cry was like 2 years ago - current site, current character, current plot.


Unrequited love between two characters who had been each other's best friend for more than a decade, and just as they were on the verge of admitting their feelings for each other, one was kidnapped. His captors used several methods on him, including a simulacrum of his best friend (my character), to break his spirit. Over the course of the month that he was held captive, they made him believe that she never loved him, that she hated him... Cut to him being released/escaping, and my character finds out. She's basically fallen into a massive depression during the month he's been missing, and runs to him as soon as she hears he's free.


... it did not go well.


That thread, and the equally emotionally-charged follow-up, made me cry while writing several of my posts. It was fantastic, and @FoxFacedeserves kudos for her wonderful writing in those threads. (Actually for all of her writing ❤️

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There have been a few moments. The two coming to mind are I had a writing partner who was playing a terminally ill character. There were a lot of sad moments with that, but the ones that got me were related to the way my character's headspace changed following the death of the terminally ill character. The inevitability of it all and the lingering regrets and survivor's guilt were powerful, and my writing likely didn't convey the emotions quite as strongly as I personally felt them when writing my posts.


The second that occasionally gets me had more to do with an art piece that someone made. This was some six or seven years ago, but at the time I was playing a crime boss character (who I've recently started playing again) who ordered a hit on a nosy athlete that was prying into the gang's affairs and challenging them. After the athlete was killed, there were multiple threads that addressed the emotive state of other characters who had been close to the athlete, one of them being a teammate of his. And artist on the site ended up immortalizing a dream scene from one of these threads where the athlete comes back as a spirit because his female teammate started going out with some dude he didn't approve of.

And this usually gets to me because it's the bonds of love via friendship, and I think sometimes in writing that's much more poignant than bonds of love because there is a kinship built there. which isn't to say it's not sad when the love interest dies or whatever, but I feel there is a desensitization to loss of a relative, lover, or mentor. Losing a friend lingers and often leads to interesting character developments imo.

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