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What makes an ideal header for you?


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I'm marking this as a graphics topic, though I suppose some coding might actually be involved in it, too. Anyway! What makes an ideal header for you? By that I mean what do you like to see in one? What is your idea of a perfect header?


For me, I want an image that conveys what the site is about as best as possible. Once upon a time, I used to really enjoy big images, but now I like them better as being squat and wide. I think the name of the forum should always be on there as well, and a brief description of the forum is also always good. Lastly, I always want the image (or the name of the forum, at least) to link to the index.


To me, that's just what makes the most sense; I don't want to have to scroll forever to get to the content of the site, I don't want to have to guess what the site is about, and I want the site to be easy to navigate as well.

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5 hours ago, Gothams Reckoning said:

Lastly, I always want the image (or the name of the forum, at least) to link to the index.


I get almost irrationally angry when the header doesn't link back to the index. It's like running face first into a door. XD


But otherwise, unobtrusive and fast loading image, site name and some indication as to what your site is about.

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I am not the same. I actually do not prefer banners for headers. I prefer something more simple and direct like a logo or something akin to a logo (similar to how we have here on The Initiative). I think that the overall look and feel that you can give to the site should portray the ambiance that tells you what the site is about.


If that image doesn't link back to the board index I get UBER frustrated. Then I have to find the stupid breadcrumb (which some people disappear) or some obscure link somewhere which is a no no for me.



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Guest Archaic Cyborg

Short, narrow or wide, good colour palette and low/compressed file size. No MASSIVE fonts, sparklies, faux 3D effects, come-hither models, etc. (IMO it looks tacky. And like a soft core faux porno ad you see on Photobucket)


Also, no photo collages. 10 floating heads over a random house, yeah no. Bad.

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I'm like Morrigan; I prefer a chic/classy decorative logo. maybe add a genre tagline. This is partially because I prefer not to "fix width" my skins and like the banner to continue looking nice no matter what browser/resolution the member has. Linking back to the index isn't something I've ever concerned myself with because I've always kept the navigation links under the header in plain sight.

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I like images in my headers, stuff that has to do with what the site is about or where it's set.  I also like the site name to be on it and maybe a tag line or something that has to do with the site.  Like @CovertSphinxsaid I usually have a link to the index and other important links somewhere near the header, either above it or under it so sometimes the actual banner does not link to the index itself.

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I feel like a header is the first thing anyone is going to judge about my forum. If it's not clean, and well put together, I always worry that everything on the forum was kind of haphazardly put together. I find myself more attracted to a visually appealing site, header included. That being said I also find it important to have everything the site is about easily available in the images that are included in the header. For instance if it's a wolf RP, just having some random model on there isn't going to help me at all. Sure, it might look pretty, but what does it have to do with your RP?


I don't like when a header is over crowded with words or quotes. Those aren't really needed in an RP scene, I feel, because you already have so much information going on around or ontop of the header that you really shouldn't need any extra quotes or words. Besides which they can distract from what's going on around it like the information boxes, rules, links, etc. 


I also have a secret obsession with headers that have hover over info, because than it's all neat and tidy and not an overwhelming display of a thousand boxes I'm trying to pick through. IT's all contained in one hidden hover aspect. 

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I've always been a fan of headers with pictures in them but they have to be geared towards what your site is about. Sane thing for the skin and whatnot, if your setting is dark fantasy and your skin has pretty pink flowers on it and models running on the beach, I'm more likely to click off. I've been running into this issue when I'm out advertising and I can't tell what the board is about. I think headers give your board personality and it's the first thing people will notice when they load your game, it's your calling card as much as the advertisement is.



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