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People who left lasting, positive impressions


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So. For the purposes of this story, I’m gonna call my friend Jack. Not his name, but it’ll help me when I try to words. 

When I was about a year out of high school, I decided to try forum rp for the first time. Up until that point I’d been on Facebook and Kik, making the rounds in some of my favorite fandoms. When I found the forum I started on, it’s probably needless to say I was a bit overwhelmed. Jack was one of the admins at the time and in proper fashion was among the first people to welcome me aboard. 


Now one thing I have always struggled with is social anxiety. Interacting with people is hard for me and I have an even harder time making friends. Often if I feel drowned out or like I can’t click with anyone on a board or in a group, I won’t join. I didn’t have this problem here, and I credit Jack for that. 

Somehow he always seemed to know when I was struggling in the chats or in the OOC sections and he would jump in and pull me into the conversation or open up a different topic he knew I could contribute to. He didn’t have to do this. It wasn’t his responsibility, but he did it anyway and I have never felt so wanted and included in a community. I was with that board until it closed down. Jack and I and a few mutual friends from that board used to get online together and play video games when the muse was low. He’s retired from rp now, but I still cherish those memories. Every once in while we still talk, he’ll hit me up on PSN and we will chat for awhile. 

I hope to one day be an admin like that. Those are some mighty big shoes to fill.

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I have to say that most of my Role Play buddies are real life BFFS, even roomated with a few over the years in my travels. Always been that way I guess for my crew. All of my staff at Affliction and my friends on other forums that we have written with or about for decades. 


There are a few that left writing that will always be a soft spot in my heart.  A BFF that does not write anymore, played the best Gangrel ever, and was my fave IC partner in crime when we wrote. Another who became like my lil brother and taught me coding and how to TB fight in chat role play environments.


So mamy that I miss but thankfully can touch base with IC that it seems okay they no longer write.


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My last co-admin left a great impression on me. Besides the fact that she was warm, friendly and kind to everyone, she taught me a few things that have been instrumental in changing the way I do things. 

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I made one of my best friends on the site I first learned to rp on. We could go months without talking and it was like that time didn't happen when we'd get back to talking again. They helped me run an rp during we fell for each other. Things happened and we just started talking again after almost 8 years of silence. It's been amazing and I'm glad to have them back in my life.

No clue what to put here yet

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My buddy Jake. Originally met him way back when Invisionfree was a thing and he was going under the name Kaz. Really great guy that I could talk to about anything and helped me through a lot of the episodes I went to. Met when I was 13 pretending to be 18 and I hadn't been officially told of my bipolar disorder but he seemed recognized what it when they manifested early. Joined a lot of roleplays together and had years of fun and dealing with the various dramas both IC and OOC. He turned 30 a few years back and gave up roleplaying as he was and I quote 'Only interested in writing and was too damn old for the petty junior high bullshit people in their thirties with no lives and way too much creepy envy for teenagers still take part in within the community.' Went through a lot of bad times and great times with that guy so I miss posting with him but at least I still talk to him over discord and such. Makes me think that when I turn thirty in five years if I'll think its worth my time if the same people who are drama makers now who'll be in their 40s are still around



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When I first started rping, I was approached immediately by a more experienced woman called Lady Lazarin who took me under her wing and made me truly love rp. We rped together for several years before falling out of touch, I think of her often. 


And then also my current rping buddy who I've been writing with for 9 years now. He's just such a fantastic storyteller, and a wonderful, supportive, kind friend. We're looking at transferring our rps from chat based to fully forum based, and he's been so patient with my dithering on what type of board we end up using. He's also one of those people who's just constantly full of ideas and always brainstorming and coming up with new rps and it's just so lovely! 

"To survive, you must tell stories" - Umberto Eco

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The last Star Wars board I was on had a really solid staff team for the most part and watching them and how they operated helped me learn a lot about what I'd previously been doing wrong on my attempts to run boards. We had a falling out over site direction stuff but they're still cool, I hope the board is still doing well. I also keep in touch with one of my oldest writing friends still! It's a lot of fun when we get to write together, I wish her job didn't keep her so busy so we could do it more.


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One of my closest friends, who happens to be a part of my ro community since "day 1", has been one of my closest friends in real-life even though we've never been able to meet face to face and live in two completely different countries. She has actually asked me to be the 'godfather' to one of her children. 

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I have a few friends who have become some of my closest friends as a result of writing with them.


The first one I was really lucky to end up staying friends with her, because I very briefly crossed paths with her on a site as I was joining and she was about to leave. By some coincidence, we both ended up being from a very similar place IRL, so we starting chatting as a result of that one day, and we ended up continuing to chat even when she left the site a few days later. It's been almost five years since then, and she's still someone that I talk to almost daily. She's really been there for me in a lot of moments when I wasn't at my best, and we've been on a lot of wild adventures together too, so she became a really significant friend to me.


My best friend in the world I also met as a result of writing. We were both on a site together and first reached out to one another to talk about a plot that ended up never happening, but because we were talking about that plot so much, we ended up writing it for ourselves quietly on Google Docs just to see what would happen. From there, things devolved and we started writing more and more on Docs, so that we ended up having tens of Docs of just our random ideas and pairings. And, I guess, the friendship just got stronger and stronger as a result of how much we were talking, because we started talking every day and sharing personal things and even ended up meeting IRL a few times and becoming really close friends not just online but in person. She just became one of the best friends I've ever had and someone that I always knew I could come to when I was in a bad situation or stressed out, and we've always been there for each other since and supported one another. It's the best interaction I've ever had out of RP.


There's a few people too that I got to know through RP that I didn't stay friends with but who taught me a lot about writing. One girl, who I ended up falling out with and haven't spoken to in years, actually taught me one of the most important things I've learned in RP and which I've applied to all my writing since she mentioned it, which was always to keep the plot moving forward. It's really helped me improve my writing as a skill, and even though we don't talk anymore, I've always been really appreciative of that advice.

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