So after some staff deliberation the followings choices have been made for the official Best of 2016 Nominations (note awards will be placed within the next few weeks).   And the awards go to: Best Staff member: @Gothams Reckoning Most Dedicated Member: @Elena @Death Kitten Best Spotlight Challenge: October Scavenger Hunt Best Graphics Challenge: Crazy Hair Best Writing Challenge: And Your Reaction Is Best Coding/Graphics Discussion: How do you find things? Best Pandfandom/Multi-Genre: Veritas Best Original Roleplay: Dead Reckoning Best Fandom Roleplay: USS Joshua Norton Best Idea: Genetic Experimentation Best Guide: Auto posting to Social Media Best Graphic: June Best Theme: Cry Wolf Best Roleplay Topic: Fun with Filters Best Confession: You Know You're Addicted to RP When...   Each of these items will be getting an award added to them. Don't forget to watch for things that you like next year these and more categories will be available to nominate for!!