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Random, Silly Story Inserts

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What are times you randomly inserted something silly into the story?


Just a few days ago, a character of mine was in a hot tub outside their cabin in the middle of the woods with their SO, having a good laugh. I wrote that my character was "howling" with laughter and then added: "something from the woods howled back" on just a whim.


The characters are now convinced they're neighbors with a bigfoot.

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I once had a thread where one character was ill, and my character went along to try and cheer them up. Cue a ridiculous story about an adventure she had with the other character's brother when they were kids. It developed into a series of stories that I then wrote out in the OOC forum as things for people to read. It was hilarious and made us all laugh so much, being teenage wizards at Hogwarts they did of course get up tot he most ridiculous things... Oh and she always finished her story with 'Fun times...' which always made the ending a little bit awkward and lame, no matter how cool the story was. So yeah... Fun times... :P

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Teen Wolf, 18+, 10 Years Later, Canons and Originals welcome!

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A character I play is a notorious party girl and gets super wasted. Her teammate came to get her out of the drunk tank. My character ate it hard on the ground. I was writing it very seriously, as if finally she realized she was too drunk.

Then bam. 

"I've fallen and I can't get up." Drunk giggling...

I could not help myself. 

(She also pressed all the buttons on an elevator...)



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