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Does your character have siblings?

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Two of my characters do and their siblings are played on site. I think the rest I just assume are only children.

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This made me realize most of my characters either have no siblings or a large number of siblings.


Of those that do, 

Heidi has an older brother

Mateo has five sisters and two brothers (though one of those brothers wishes he didnt)
Mathis is the youngest of seven
And Safiya has an older half sister, and younger full brother



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Huh. You know it's funny, I hadn't really considered this, but none of my present roster do. I had considered leaving room for an unspecified sibling for my main in his history, and technically it's still a possibility, but there's no drive to pursue. I won't be making an adoptable or anything. I think, for me, I want the people in my character's lives who are really important to them to be other PCs, people I have no control over who can shape the developing story of my own in continually unexpected ways, and for that reason I tend to shy away from attaching background characters to them that they'd feel any strong connection to. I know, I could put those characters up as adoptables, but that would, to me, still feel like trying to exert more control than I really want on who matters and what happens to these people.

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