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Does your character like his or her name?


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I have a Merriweather Seaworth. Father was a ex-pirate and mother a bar maid. She had some weird ideas about his name (mostly for my amusement) and he's rather resigned too it. I also have a Magdalena. Haaates her name, so will only go by Mags or Maggie. There is also Nyx, named for the Greek goddess. Her mother was Greek and named all of her children for Greek mythology. Like Merri, Nyx is resigned to it. The rest of them could take their names or leave them. 

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Andrea likes her name for the most part.  Her maiden name she has issues with because she has issues with her parents.


Kieran believes it doesn't matter if he likes his name or not it's the name his parents gave him.


Madison likes her name but doesn't like her ful name being used because growing up it was only used when she was in trouble.


Jonathan doesn't really care either way.


Adaline likes hers but not really for any specific reason.


Ryder just thinks it's a name.


Phoebe likes her name as well.  She thinks it's a great name again no specific reason she likes it.


Marcus is okay with his name.


Kaitlyn likes her name.  Mostly because it's a connection to her mom.




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I have a character called Clementine Trouvé. She was left on the doorstep of an orphanage when she was approximately three years old and has no memory of her mother or father, only that her name was Clementine. One of the nuns (French in origin) from the convent connected with the orphanage gave her the surname of Trouvé because it means 'found' and she was a foundling child. 


Does she like it? Yes, she does like the Clementine part. She believes it was given to her by her mother and it is the only memory she had of her life when she was still innocent.

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I've got a character, Billy, who was originally named Wilhelmina. They changed their name as soon as they could, as they quite despise their original name.


Gabrielle thinks her name is a mouthful, and waaay too long, but it's one of the few things she has left from her mum so she won't change it for the world. 


Jack would prefer not to be Jack, but it has less to do with the name and more to do with the people who know him by that name.



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Yes, but only because of who named her. :)


 “And just what’s unacceptable behavior? Snogging?” She started laughing. “Oh, Merlin, Tim, we were snogging, and that’s so unacceptable. Besides, according to basic math, wasn’t he doing a hell of a lot more when he was in school? After all, you do seem to exist outside of my imagination.”

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I have a next gen Supernatural character Samantha 'Sammi' Winchester and she despises that her parents named her after her Uncle's nickname, but she thinks the only thing worse than being called Sammi is being called Samantha so she allows it. 


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Most of my characters chose their own names, so of course they like them. For two important ones that didn't, however:


Andrew Silas Levi used to like his name. He was very devout and loved having a name with religious significance. Due to a recent crisis of faith, however, he likes to just be called 'Andy'. 

Adam Scott Smith thinks his parents were amazingly non-creative, and could've only done worse if they had named him 'John'. He's sick of people making Matrix jokes at him, and is reluctant to let anyone know his middle name because then they will know his initials are 'a.s.s.'.

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Most of my characters are indifferent. I have one character whose name is Rebecca and she hates it. She prefers Becca or Bec. Never Becky. She thinks Rebecca and Becky are names associated with airheads and bimbos, thanks to pop culture. 

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Elizabeth - Loves her name. She thinks everything about her is the most amazing thing ever.

Alice - She likes it enough. She has a love/hate reference for the Alice in Wonderland comments but she makes them herself. Plus there are a lot of songs about her name.

Charlotte - I don't think she hates it but she prefers her nickname Chuck.

Violet - She loves her name.

Josephine - Doesn't mind her first name however she hates her middle name, Butterfly.






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Shane: Uh, suppose? It's the one I got, so.

Jimmy: Yeah dude! I've been told it suits me and whatev. Oh! And sometimes I can freak other kids out when they find out it's actually James. Like this one time, ya gurl Katniss was like... Oh, uh, nevermind.

Joshua: I do, though I think I get called "sir" more then anything.

William: Oh yes. Yes, I like it very much. It's dignified, you see. Historic. But just between you and I, I do actually get a little thrill when someone, of their own accord, takes to calling me Billy. Warm memories of a time long past.

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Dagonet: I like it until people figure out the god-damn origins. 


Seth: I actually love my name. It flows well and looks good signed on paper. 


Red: beats being called Seth. 

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Katya: Not fussed, she’s probably never even thought about it. But she does dislike her first name in full.

Maxine: Doesn’t mind it, doesn’t like it shortened, thinks it sounds funny when paired with her surname.

Adeline: Chose the name. Hard yes.

Imran: Fond of it in the sense that it reminds him of his parents every time he thinks on it.

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