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Does your character like his or her name?


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We'll go with a couple of them.


Iago likes his name. Even if it gets him 'like the bird?' comments half the time. He predates the bird, thank you very much. But he was named after his grandfather, Santiago, even if he only got the short version.


Paul Oxley goes by Ox, though, I don't think most people who meet him ever know his actual name. He refuses.

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This is admittedly something I've never really thought much of in all my... geeze 14 years of roleplaying?


Only two come to mind for definite answers:

Azriel never really cared for his name, in fact he went by 'Azrai' for some time because he was drunk one night and stammered when someone asked his name. Then decided it sounded better than 'Azriel'. Plus, he was in hiding at the time, if I recall.


Dalton likes the way his name rolls off the tongue. 


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My main character, Mayterial Droz, has switched names so often when it suited her that her own name is something like coming home. Being able to let her guard down a bit and just relax. Lately that name has been tarnished by getting involved in shady business using her real name. She's looking to make amends and wants that feeling back.

Mayterial Droz



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I'd think she does. I think it suits her and she probably likes her name more than others which to her seem a bit too proper in her mind. Meg, is just a fitting name.

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I think so! It's a little bit unique without being so outlandish that it's hard to share. She takes some comfort in that. 🙂

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I don't think any of my characters don't like their names. Maybe some might go with nicknames over their full given names sometimes because it's easier and less formal?

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