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Why did you start rping?

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My friend invited me to join one and I decided why not. Glad that I did because rping has been a long time hobby of mine.

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I started roleplaying because I tricked myself into it.   Way back when I first started RPing on Neopets in a time long ago, there were these things called "guilds." They were just like litt

I roleplay cause I've always needed a creative outlet for all the stories swimming in my head.

Honestly for me it's been so long that I don't remember why I started or how I came across it, but I know why I continue to do it! I'm an aspiring writer. I don't have as much published as I'd like, b

I started RPing over a decade ago to get myself to write more volume and improve my work.

I came back to RPing a couple months ago because COVID has made me real lonely, and I got in a writing funk again. It's been so great for me to talk to other folks and get writing again!

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I think I started roleplaying for escapism. I love writing, creating characters and diving into my own imagination. I've always found life hard for some reason, and disappearing into someone else's world is a comfort to me. I was also OBBESSED with Harry Potter (still am, really xD) and wanted to experience Hogwarts for myself LOL. The fact that there's a PS4/PS5 game coming out soon makes me believe my dreams are finally coming true! Although, I'm sort of nervous it won't live up to my expectations. xD

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I  used to table top and a friend dragged me to MSN chat role play which lead to writing in their forums there. After about six months I was loved it. The only downside was that I really did not have the time to get involved in forums and admin and writing without chat role play until almost 2010. 


Its a release and a hobby that relaxes me. I have friends I write with and we enjoy the stories and the community. But it began with a roll of the die, truly


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An old friend in school asked me to join a forum roleplay game she played on and then i have kept on writing through to years on and off. i didn't understand forum roleplaying at all when i started out, so i was very awful. now, i like to create characters and write as a leisure activity when i can.


NSD - Never Say Die

an original, stylized, nonrealistic animal rp

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Ok, so... Back in about 1998, I was on the lookout for something interactive online, but I didn't know what I was looking for... and then, I found Yahoo!Groups and a whole bunch of RPs that piqued my interest. I'd never heard of such a thing before, but wow -- did they ever suck me in!

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