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Text: Main Text: (I.e. larger size than anything else) Circle Around The Moon Subtext #1: (Placement of the quote is left to the discreation of the image creator.) "The moon tonight, there's a circle around it. A sign of trouble, not far behind it." Sub-text #2: (Preferably at the bottom of the image.) A modern, magical animal rescue and haven. | 18+ | Freestyle App
Images Requested: Anything from this album
Size: Idk what the average size for a tumblr ad is, but I'd say no larger than 500x500 px. 
Colors: Dark-ish? ;-; I don't have a set color scheme in mind a.t.m.
To be used on: CATMRP
Other: You're free to add/use any other images you feel might fit an advert for a modern, magical animal rescue/haven roleplay. Honestly I just couldn't find a whole lot on free stock image sites that jumped out at me. Sorry.

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