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Hello all! I'm glad to be here. I'm not new to online roleplay, but I am new to being an admin and a moderator so I thought it prime time for me to find some support. I'm happy to be joining a community where we can all help one another out!


Some general deets about me:

  • How long have you been RPing? - Play by post Since 2002 on Yahoo Geocities, MSN Messenger, AOL and all those crazy things. Tapletop Roleplay since 2007
  • What are your favorite RP genres? - Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? - Forum mostly now
  • What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? Dragonriders of Pern / The Hobbit Movies / All Music
  • What other interest/Hobbies do you have? All other nerdy stuff. I LOVE gaming, Anime, art, books, comics, cosplay, costumes, renfaires. You name it, if it is nerdy, I'll love it.
  • What's your favorite color? Blue. It's so versatile!
  • What's your favorite drink? Soda Water. I love it. So bubbly! 

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Hey there, Zahhy! I'm very new to adminning as well - but I haven't been rping for quite as long as you, yet. ;> 

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