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Muggle family for vampire/werewolf related plot! (Harry Potter)

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I'm looking for a long-term RP partner who'd be inspired to play potentially for years to come. You could join my Harry Potter site Nevermore or we could do this just the two of us on our own board. Whichever you'd prefer. Either way my characters have been created into a much more realistically functioning Potterverse than the book canon is so even if we did this one-on-one on our own board I'd need you to read certain few info bits from my site's lore and see if you find my version of the Potterverse inspiring as an RP base. (I will link those bits for you in a PM.) If you wanted to you could create also wizarding characters but this plot needs mainly and to focus on a completely muggle family. You'd need to enjoy playing also as and with very young child characters.


This plot would start in 1988 and go all the way to the early '90s. I'd need you to create and rp a muggle family whose very young child (somewhere between ages 6 and 9) becomes a werewolf or a vampire but they don't learn about magic's existance right away. At some point the muggle child runs away from home (just before or on the evening of a full moon night if he's a werewolf) and his condition is found out by my original wizard character who will then introduce the muggles to magic and the wizarding society. My character is a muggle-born wizard and former FBI agent in his 60s who retired in the early '80s and moved to England to raise his newly orphaned half-vampire nephew. Another of my original character families is that family's friend and their son became a werewolf in early 1987 at age seven. His dad can brew Wolfsbane Potion.


Basically the plot would focus on the families' everyday lives as the families try to cope with their children's conditions and the adults to raise them the best they can. And of course to the muggle family life would also be endless discovery of fantastic stuff after they're introduced to the wizarding society and the secrets in it. Not every game event would be about or relate to fantastic beasts or the kids' conditions or even magic because there's much more to the characters and life in general than that. I look forward to RPing everyday life and family life, this setting to just bring some more enchantment and complexity to it. This plot does not have any set ending which is why I'm looking for a long-term partner hopefully for years to come.


I rp only liquid/fluid time.


Me as a writer

I consider myself an advanced writer so I'd need you to be too, or at least on an intermediate level. Also, I'm a passionate writer; I love to take situations slow, to really dig into the characters' heads and into the situations at hand, and to be descriptive. I'm perfectly fine with occasional time-skips as in I don't aim to write down every single minute of their lives...And I don't constantly write really indepth and descriptive text - but the point is to me it's quality over quantity, I'd rather really get to know the characters and write vivid scenes rather than skate over and hurry forward. Also, I like to plot & plan a basic plot for a game event and then improvise on it which can allow it to become much more than originally thought it could be. I can't RP in real-time flow. In our game time would not flow, instead we would just set game events to whichever point of time we want to and wrap them up in our own pace. I feel that serves indepth character exploration much better.

Characters For Plot

* Your OC muggle family whose very young child becomes a werewolf or a vampire and the family learns about magic's existance through befriending my wizarding families.


* My OC wizarding families:


The James family
A wealthy muggle-born wizard born and raised in the USA on a farm in the 1920s and '30s, served in the World War II and afterwards became an FBI Special Agent. He attended Ilvermorny for a couple of years but hence his career choice he studied magic mostly as an adult after the war. He's an Animagus, taking the form of a raven. His father died in the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, and his mother died of old age much later. His much younger little sister was an occultist inspired by her brother's wizard...ness, and as an adult she travelled to Britain for its rich folklore and myths. At some point she became a vampire and a leader of a coven. During the First Wizarding War she fell in love with a Death Eater and vice versa. The Death Eater was labeled a blood trator and had to go into hiding in her vampire coven. There they made a baby boy who thus was born a half-vampire and unfortunately inherited two of the worst aspects of her mother's condition; an allergy to the sun (though not on the immediate-death level) and lust for blood. His parents were killed in the early '80s along with the rest of the coven, by other Death Eaters and vampires allied with Voldemort. His uncle, then 60 years old, retires from the FBI and arrives to England and adopts his 3-year old nephew as his own son as a loving and devoted father. The uncle is old friends with the father of the above mentioned King family.

The King family
A wealthy wizarding family who live in a muggle life style but do visit the wizarding society on occasions. The father is a half-blood wizard who attended Hogwarts for just one year, studied magic further as an adult, and works for the muggle police force except for the five years long career break he took to be a stay-at-home dad. He's a loving and devoted parent. He has a son and a daughter. The son becomes a werewolf at age 7 and falls in love with the curse, he's mischievous and a handful of a child but basically a good and kind kid. He attends Hogwarts for just one year. His sister is a squib and she's more of a goodie-two-shoes, also artistic and lovely. The mother while a kind and loving person and in the family's life for the most part isn't a very good mother due to her own childhoos as well as a traumatic experience with a werewolf some years earlier. She's a muggle-born witch who never attended Hogwarts but studied magic as an adult. The father lost his entire family at a very young age. And his brother was abducted when they were little children and hasn't been found but will be in the early '90s when the son is twelve.

* Play-bys I've reserved:
Henry Ian Cusick, Sonya Walger, Declan Galbraith, Hattie Gotobed, Hugh Dancy, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Anthony Head, Jacob Tremblay

About me:

I am in my early thirties. RPG Rating level can be anything from 222 to 333 but I prefer 15+ level in graphic content. I'm very flexable as an RPer, I can go a few weeks without getting a reply to a game event but of course I would highly appreciate if such long breaks weren't fequent and/or you let me know if you need to take a break or even quit. Please, don't just disappear. I reply on average 1-3 times a week.

Contact me:

Here on this site through a PM. Or you can post a comment to this thread.

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