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Opulence (Canine rp) Review

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Your Name: Opulence
Link to your site: Opulence
Link to your staff account on the RPG: Not applicable, and profiles are still undergoing updates.
What you are looking to have reviewed: Index, boards, and guidebook. I am aware of some alignment problems and that the color scheme needs adjusting. I hope to find some suggestions on how to improve it. What texture/color for the categories. Anything I should add, remove or adjust (minus the alignment, I'm working on it). What stands out the most, good and bad? Please offer some suggestions for improvements with your critique as that would be most helpful. The site is still under construction and I  hope to seek an idea on what needs the most immediate attention. Thank you so much! 

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Color scheme: I actually love it! The colors are soothing. I would leave them as is! You might choose a different color scheme for the cbox, if possible. 


Images: I love the images. They are so pretty. I love the one using the aurora. My only concern is the header. It looks a little plain for the rest of the site.  


Layout: It's really easy to follow and find things. That is a plus! You might tweak the font so it's spread out a little more. You also might consider a different font family as it doesn't really feel like it fits your rp. If possible, it might be a good idea to make the board stats a little bigger!


I hope this helps. Best of luck!

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