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So this is an odd request so bear with me. It's not a specific home for a specific character. I have a group of characters but I want a particular need filled. What I am looking for is a romantic partnership. I do not want to be paying the male (this is just not what I want or need right now). The following are things that I need for this to work. If this will work this can expand into more from here but I need the following:


  1. I need rapid fire - This is likely my biggest thing. I need at least 5+ posts per day where possible. The posts don't have to be long or prolific. I want something that I can constantly reply to. The more replies the better. If you can't accommodate that, someone on the site you are advertising to me must be able to accommodate that.
  2. I need to play the female counterpart to start - I will expand from there but I need to play the female in some sort of romantic pairing. Doesn't have to be already existing but always nice. Doesn't even have to be sweet and cute (can be the dark side of romance). I have many characters to fill many roles for this.
  3. Filling a wanted request is preferred but person must be flexible with details. Especially name and PB.
  4. Easy/no-app - I've been roleplaying for 20 years. I have filled out my fair share of apps and I'm over them. I will fill out an app but I would prefer not to.


My Genre no-gos are:

Historical (of any kind including magical/fantasy)

Harry Potter (The world is amazing but not appropriate for what I want).

Superhero - Already have a super hero site that is DC and I hate Marvel.

Real Life - Must have a supernatural element to it at minimum.


Don't post an ad, just explain/show me what you think your site has that can accommodate this and I will check it out. Thanks.


Note: I'm open to roleplaying here on the initiative this sort of thing.

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