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Preferred Genres: I am strongly preferential to fantasy and/or fandom RP. "Original" RPs are great too, provided I can play the fan characters I want.

Preferred RPG Type: Forum

Preferred RPG Rating: I prefer a rating of 2/2/2 or greater, as this allows me basically unlimited creative freedom provided that I keep things tasteful, which I always do as that's simply the way I write. I might be able to work with a 1 in language or sexuality, depending on just how little tolerance there would be for exploring mature themes, however anything lower than that or lower than a 2 in violence would leave me concerned about having to censor myself to a point it would take a toll on my muse.

Character Types:  I like to play fan characters from the Puyo Puyo, Madou Monogatari, Mega Man and Pokemon series, with some dabbling in Mario, Zelda and Metroid and a few OCs based upon these worlds. I might also be interested in making a Warcraft character.

Post Length/Writing Level: My average posts range between 250 and 400 words depending on the complexity of what I'm reacting to and how necessary I see it to add more detail to my posts. Generally speaking, I'll write more if my partner is writing more. However, when I'm actually running the scene/thread instead of just participating my post length usually doubles on average, as I spend a lot more time emoting for NPCs and describing the world around the player characters. I would rate myself as a very experienced roleplayer.

What I want: I'm looking for sites that would accept my fan characters. Nintendo-centric is the dream, but being able to play the characters I want is the important part. I'm also interested in sites with progression or stat systems that allow my character to grow stronger or earn fun benefits or toys to play with.

What I do not want: Really PVP centric sites. I don't want to feel insecure or threatened as someone with no passion for competitive writing. At the very least, I don't want to lose my character because of it. I also don't want 

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