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Theme: Fourth of July
Type of Graphic/s: Avatar 
Image Restrictions: 

-Your image must depict your version of fourth of july in some manner

-Must feature at least ONE model/actress/etc.

-No monochrome! Get your color on!

Sizes: 250x250 
Deadline: July 2nd
Judging: Public Voting!
Rewards:  7500 advertisement impressions, button on the board index in the board description!
Challenge Details:


Make a fourth of July avatar (may be multiple entries) that some how depict the fourth of july for you. No monochrome(black and white) avatars, the fourth of July (in america) is filled with colorful fireworks and eclectic people and gatherings! Makes sure your avatars feature at least one person, though it doesn't have to show their face, just someone in the image!








Submission: Submit the following in a PM to @GraphicSubmissions with the title of GC13.



Directory link to the site you are supporting:




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