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I've kind of made my thoughts on this topic known in other places, but I'll repeat them here.


I don't like playbys for a few reasons.

People who only roleplay as certain playbys... it kinda reaches a point where you're not writing a character, you're writing the playby as an actor/actress playing that particular role. Which might sound like an odd distinction but I think it's an important one. It's like writing out the real life person's life if they were an actor/actress rather than that particular character in the scene. I find that unsettling, it's crossed over to very sketchy territory. (Almost stalking like territory where you're writing fanfiction about their lives.) It's people getting too attached to something they don't own. 


There is so much drama around playbys it's disgusting. People won't write with others if the playby isn't good looking enough. Or they'll try forcing a ship because they were in a show or something once. Even though, in actuality according to the profiles, neither character would like each other. (Or any relationship would be one sided at best.) They'll actively ignore the profile, the "how this character is" part, and focus solely on the image they can see. 

In other cases they won't even join a site if that playby is taken. Or they might join and try to force the other person to give up their character.

Which, to me, indicates that this playby use has gone well and far above simple representation. Which if you refuse to join a site because "your" playby is already taken, you might as well admit that it's not so much about the character but the celebrity behind them. (Otherwise it wouldn't matter what the face was. The playby is only supposed to be a rough approximation. Not the actual character. Using the line "well, I've been using this face for <duration>" does kinda prove it's fanfic of that celeb. If it actually was the character that mattered then the face wouldn't. But because the face takes priority it's really not about the character as much as claimed.)


I mean for only supposed to be used for a rough approximation of what a character looks like it's certainly gone a lot further than that. I mean you can say it hasn't and that it's just a representation all you want, but the stated use and actual use usually differ. 

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